1XMM catalogue pipeline summary release note

The catalogue was originally made using SAS manifest xmmsas_20020522_1701 and PPS version was 05000034/20020625.161738. However, after the catalogue pipeline processing was completed, the source detection and subsequent stages were repeated (i.e., pipeline modules: ExpDetect, SrcMerge, SendACDS, ReceiveACDS, StampKeywords, Finalize). In this re-run, only one SAS task was changed (emldetect-4.21 was used instead of 4.11.13), and only one pipeline module was changed (ExpDetect-1.28.13 was used instead of 1.28.12). This re-run pipeline was version 05000035/20020903.113118.

The previous pipeline in use for routine products production was 04000010/20020508.121539, this used SAS 5.3.2, and is the baseline for this release note. Full release note for this and earlier pipelines are available at http://xmmssc-www.star.le.ac.uk/pipeview/prod.


The catalogue pipeline did not include modules for the processing of OM or RGS data. EPIC source detection received considerable attention, and most of the changes with respect to the previous pipeline focus on this aspect.

A new graphics product showing a plot of background count rate is made. Larger source cutouts are used when making the background spline maps (scut was 0.01, now 0.001), the spline maps now also model the PN out of time events. The boxdetect and ML Galactic coordinates are now correct. The ML detections have improved positions near CCD edges, a reduced tendency to large negative count rates at very low fluxes, much better errors at low flux, and now include more information in the source lists (including the detector coordinates of the sources). New graphics products showing detected sources overlaid on the image and exposure map are made. The task eposcorr is used to provide position rectification of the merged source lists using USNO A2.0 (based on an input systematic error of 1.5" and a minimum total error of 0.2", both 1 sigma radii) with a keyword POSCORROK = Y/N, written by the new task evalcorr, indicating the quality of the rectification solution (RA/DEC_CORR = RA/DEC and sources are assumed to have a 1.5" 1 sigma radius systematic error for catalogue correlation if POSCORROK = N, otherwise a systematic error of 0.5" is used). In addition, source lists from images for which there was no low background interval are now excluded from the source merging process.