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LEDAS Software Distribution

The distribution of simulation software, software for X-ray data analysis and proposal preparation tools is a relatively new but growing service provided by LEDAS. Users in the UK should find using our mirror sites faster and more convenient than downloading the files from the USA directly.

Ginga Analysis Software:
Leicester played a major part in the development of the Ginga data analysis software, and LEDAS maintains a full archive of the downloadable software and supporting documentation.

This software package is used to reduce raw Ginga data 'from scratch' and requires some familiarity with Ginga to use properly. Less experienced users may find the partly-reduced contents of the data archive easier to work with.

PIMMS (Portable, Interactive, Multi-Mission Simulator) is intended as a versatile simulation tool for X-ray astronomers. With PIMMS one can find the expected count rate from most X-ray astronomy instruments based upon the detected flux from another detector. This conversion is achieved by specifying an input spectral model which is extrapolated from the input spectral range to the output.

LEDAS also provides a copy of WebPIMMS, the on-line version of PIMMS.

Profit is a GUI (graphical user interface) tool for accessing high-resolution spectra. Profit displays spectra in various formats, allowing users to identify emission lines, to convert an identified line into velocity units using a user-selected wavelength, to store (and restore) individual spectra, to fit lines to gaussians, and other features. Profit primarily handles the "exploratory" phase of analysis, although it has some powerful features.

HEAsoft software suite:

HEAsoft is a software suite in which the FTOOLS and XANADU software packages have been merged. The packages are integrated so that they share common libraries and build procedures, greatly improving compatibility. FTOOLS and XANADU can be downloaded and installed together or separately.

This is a mirror of the original HEAsoft site at HEASARC which provides access to the downloadable source codes, binary executables and supporting on-line documentation.

Chandra software:
LEDAS holds a copy of the package of software for Chandra data analysis, called "CIAO" (Chandra Interactive Analysis of Observations), as released by the Chandra X-ray Observatory Center (CXC) at CfA Harvard. The full distribution can be downloaded (by ftp) from the CIAO download page on the Chandra Website mirror. There are also extensive supporting notes available on the mirror.

Opacity Project:
The Opacity Project is an international collaboration formed to calculate the atomic data required to estimate stellar envelope opacities, and to compute Rosseland mean opacities and other related quantities.

Complete data and codes for computing Rosseland mean opacities and radiative accelerations are available for download. This is a mirror of the Opacity Project download page at ViZieR.

Links to all of these packages are provided in the left-hand sidebar.

We are keen to incorporate more of the software that UK astronomers wish to use. If there is a software package that you would like to see available here, please let us know. Our contact e-mail address is at the bottom of the sidebar.