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The ROSAT Results Archive
Catalog of High Resolution Imager Detections


The ROSAT Consortium (the Max-Planck-Institut fuür extraterrestrische Physik, the Goddard Space Flight Center, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Leicester University, and the Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam) announces an update to "THE ROSAT SOURCE CATALOG OF POINTED OBSERVATIONS WITH THE HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGER" (ROSHRICAT). This catalog contains arcsecond positions and count rates of detected sources from 4567 public ROSAT HRI observations covering 1.7% of the sky, including 10861 high confidence detections.

The catalog consists of all primary source parameters from the automated detection algorithm employed by the Standard Analysis Software System (SASS). In addition each observation has been quality checked, both by automatic algorithms and by detailed visual inspection. The results of this quality checking are contained as a set of logical-value flags for each principal source parameter. If a source parameter is suspect, the associated flag is set to "TRUE"; parameters with no obvious problems maintain the default, "FALSE", value. In addition to the catalog, data products for each screened observation are also available. These data products include the screened source lists, FITS images, and ASCII files containing information about obvious real sources not detected by the SASS detection algorithms.

Below we describe the Sequence and Source flags which are currently defined:

Sequence flags:
FLAG NAME"True" condition
ASP_SUSPobvious aspect problems (sources appear multiple or have obvious ellipticity)
EXT_EMISpresence of extended emission over most of the field
FIELD_FDETone or more detected sources deemed false
DEFERREDdata screening not done
MISS_SRCone or more obvious sources not detected by SASS
BKG_SUSPField background may be incorrect (due to inclusion of high background intervals or extended emission)
SLIS_MISsource list is missing(no sources detected by SASS or source detection stopped)

Source Flags:
FLAG NAME"True" condition
CONFUSEDclose sources confused detection algorithm
DET_STRUCTsource near detector structure
EXTENDEDsource is probably resolved
FALSE_DETdetection judged to be spurious
INTEN_SUSPsource brightness suspect
MULT_DETcomplex emission split into individual sources
NOT_CHECKEDsource not checked
POS_SUSPsource position suspect
ASSOCIATEDanother source nearby may influence derived source quantities
VARFLG_SUSPSASS variability flag suspect
WITHIN_EXTsource within extended emission
UN_UNIQUEsource matched with another source which was identified in a smaller detect cell (HRI only)

Access to the Catalog

Direct download

Web-Based Access

Shell Access

Access to the command-line driven BROWSE interface to the ROSHRI catalog is also available via shell access to the following BROWSE sites:

% ssh ledas@ledas2.star.le.ac.uk


% telnet legacy.gsfc.nasa.gov
with username = xray

At the prompt, type browse roshri

FTP Access

Users can also access an ASCII listing of all the parameters for all the sources in the ROSHRI catalog. This listing is availabele (in gzipped form) via anonymous ftp:
 % ftp legacy.gsfc.nasa.gov 

username: anonymous password: you@your-email-address

ftp> cd /rosat/doc/archive/RRA ftp> binary ftp> hash ftp> get roshricat.txt.gz ftp> get roshricat-short.txt.gz ftp> quit

% gunzip roshricat.txt.gz
% gunzip roshricat-short.txt.gz
The roshricat.txt file contains the full source list ; the roshricat-short.txt file is a version of the source list in which deferred fields, un-unique sources, sources with s/n < 4 and sources flagged as "false" have been excluded.

Data products associated with each screened ROSHRI sequence can be obtained via anonymous ftp at ftp://legacy.gsfc.nasa.gov/rosat/data/hri/RRA/; for example ftp://legacy.gsfc.nasa.gov/rosat/data/hri/RRA/200000/rh201848n00/