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This is the UK mirror of the HEASARC (GSFC) PIMMS pages.
Please refer any problems to ledas-help@star.le.ac.uk

How to install PIMMS

Download pimms3_9k.tar.gz into a suitable directory, then

% gunzip pimms3_9k.tar
% tar xvf pimms3_9k.tar
It should create four subdirectories: data, models, sample, and source.

Goto the source subdirectory and edit the file called sitespec.inc so that ddir_name correctly points to the data, and mdir_name to the models subdirectory.

% make arch=solaris

We actively support solaris, alpha, linux, and (Mac OS X) darwin as possible architectures, although we have only tested PIMMS on a limited variety of Linux machines using g77 (try make arch=linux FC=g77). We also have sun for pre-Solaris SunOS machines, and dec for DEC machines running Ultrix, in the Makefile, but newer versions of PIMMS have not been tested on these machines.

Make will leave the executable, pimms, in the directory above source; there you can also find the LaTeX documentation file pimms.tex.

If you have a version of UNIX not listed above, please try make arch=sun and let us know how it goes. For example, Erik Kuulkers has kindly reported that he managed to install PIMMS on an HP. Try inserting "FC = f77 +U77" and "FLAGS = +U77 -O +es +E6" in the Makefile, and compiling with make arch=sun.

Old make problem: If you see the message "don't know how to make sys.o" then wait a few seconds and try again. However, this problem is now beleived solved.

The Chandra ACIS pile-up estimator can be turned off by deleting, moving, or compressing the following files in the data directory: chandra_acis-i_.special, chandra_acis-s_.special, chandra_hetg-acis-i_order0.special, chandra_hetg-acis-s_order0.special, chandra_letg-acis-i_order0.special, and chandra_letg-acis-s_order0.special.

VMS users

Although we no longer test newer versions of PIMMS on VMS platforms, it probably still works. Type @make instead of "make arch=***".

Extra Raymond-Smith models

A set of 295 extra Raymond-Smith model files are available in a separate tar file, extra_v3.tar.gz. These can be useful particularly for ROSAT and EUVE works, as well as for Chandra and XMM grating observations, for which the limited grid available in the standard installation of PIMMS may be inadequate. To use these, copy the tar file into the models subdirectory after the standard PIMMS has been built, then unpack it there (it is not necessary to remake PIMMS). With this file, the better set of solar abundance Raymond-Smith models will superced the ones in pimms_v3.tar. For non-solar abundances, you will stil need to specify the file name (but not the directory or the .mdl extension) explicitly, such as "model rs10_665 2e19". The model names are of the form RSnn_mmm, where the abundances are n.n solar (0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 or 1.0), and log T is m.mm (5.60 to 8.60 in steps of 0.05).

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