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Downtime expected shortly as all LEDAS services are moved to a new server.

December 2004: Swift analysis software available for download

Data analysis software for the Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Explorer mission is now available for download as part of the HEASoft software suite. For more information about the Swift v1.0 software, see the software Release Notes.

December 2004: fv FITS viewer/editor updated to v4.1.4

The HEASoft FITS file viewer/editor software fv has been updated to the latest version v4.1.4. This is a bug fix version to fix issues in v4.1.3.

December 2004: CALDB v2.29 available for download

The latest version of the Chandra calibration database (v2.29) is now available for download from LEDAS.

October 2004: INTEGRAL catalogs added to ARNIE5

Support for the ESA gamma-ray/X-ray/optical observatory mission INTEGRAL has been added to ARNIE5. The following INTEGRAL catalogues are now included:-
  • IBISGPSCAT: First IBIS/ISGRI Soft Gamma-Ray Galactic Plane Survey
  • INTBSC: INTEGRAL Bright Source Catalog
  • INTEGRALAO: INTEGRAL Observing Program
  • INTREFCAT: INTEGRAL Reference Catalog
  • INTSCW: INTEGRAL Science Window Data
  • INTSCWPUB: INTEGRAL Public Pointed Science Window Data

October 2004: Enhanced CGI access to DSS image service

Users can now access the DSS service directly, by submitting a URL of the form:-


where the parameters are as follows:-

  • coordinates: position of field centre in decimal hours/degrees
  • pixelsize: size of pixels in output image
  • punits: pixel size units ( sec | min )
  • equinox: coordinate equinox (default 2000.0)
  • fieldsize: output image field size (default 10x10 arcmin)
  • funits: output image size units (sec | min | deg | pix )
  • survey: DSS survey version/band ( dss1 | dss2blue | dss2red | dss2ir ), default 'dss1'
The service can also resolve sourcenames directly


and generate images directly in FITS format:-


October 2004: DSS Batch service supports DSS-II requests

The Digitised Sky Survey batch request service (which allows up to 15 images to be requested at the same time) now supports the second-generation DSS-II service, providing higher-resolution images in three colour bands.

September 2004: PIMMS, WebPIMMS upgraded to v3.6a

The interactive X-ray mission simulator software PIMMS has been upgraded to the latest version v3.6a. This version contains updated XMM-Newton RGS and EPIC effective area curves, in preparation for XMM AO-4. A bug in the model parser has been corrected, now allowing NH to be specified when file-based models are used as second (etc.) components of a composite model.

August 2004: LEDAS staff at eScience meeting

LEDAS staff will be attending the e-Science All Hands Meeting at the EMCC, Nottingham from 31st August to 3rd September 2004.

July 2004: PIMMS v3.5 available for download

The interactive X-ray mission simulator software PIMMS has been updated to the latest version v3.5. This current release includes Astro-E2 effective area curves, suitable for Cycle 1 proposals. It also includes an XRS-specific routine to estimate the grade fractions.

July 2004: CIAO 3.1 and CALDB 2.27 available for download

The latest version of the Chandra data reduction software (CIAO 3.1) and calibration database (CALDB 2.27) are now available for download from LEDAS.

June 2004: Chandra Cas A 1-Ms observation data available for download

All observation data associated with the Chandra 1-megasecond exposure on Cas A have been made public, and are now available for download via ChaSeR or anonymous FTP from LEDAS. The long observations have been split so that individual event files are under 2GB in size, but the total data volume including all Level 2 event files is very large (approx. 20GB). Note that analysing these files will take substantial resources in time, storage and compute power.

June 2004: HEAsoft updated to version 5.3.1

The latest version of the HEASARC X-ray data reduction/analysis software package HEAsoft (version 5.3.1) is now available for download. HEASoft 5.3.1 contains FTOOLS 5.3.1, fv 4.1.2, XIMAGE 4.2.1, XRONOS 5.21, XSPEC 11.3.1 and XSTAR 2.1k. See the Release Notes for the changes since the last major HEAsoft release (5.3).

June 2004: ARNIE5 catalogue update page

The ARNIE5 database system is now updated on a daily basis using source data from HEASARC. To see the most recently updated tables in ARNIE5, please consult the Catalogue Update page.

May 2004: VOPlot plotting tool updated to v1.2.1

The ARNIE5 database browser has an interactive plotting utility VOPlot, originally written by Persistent Systems under the aegis of the VO-India project. VOPlot has now been upgraded to the latest version v1.2.1 which provides a large number of new options for display and numerical analysis of search results. For more information, see the VOPlot User Guide.

May 2004: LEDAS now has local copy of DSS-II

Thanks to the support of the Space Telescope Science Institute, LEDAS has now acquired a local copy of the approx. 800GB Digitised Sky Survey II (DSS-II) image archive. This will improve the speed and reliability of queries to the DSS-II image service.

May 2004: ARNIE5 enhanced, now contains 340 catalogues

The LEDAS database system ARNIE5 has been significantly enhanced, and now contains 340 catalogues (including the full set of public catalogue data provided by HEASARC). To view the list of catalogues supported by ARNIE5, please visit the ARNIE5 main page.

Mar 2004: Poster presented at NAM

LEDAS presented a poster at the National Astronomy Meeting in Milton Keynes, 29 Mar - 2 Apr 2004.
The poster can now be viewed online or downloaded.

Mar 2004: CALDB updated to version 2.26

The latest version of the Chandra calibration database (CALDB 2.26) is now available for download from LEDAS.

Feb 2004: PIMMS updated to v3.4a, Chandra Cycle 6 support

The interactive X-ray mission simulator software PIMMS has been upgraded to the latest version 3.4a, which includes effective area curves for Chandra Cycle 6 proposals.

Feb 2004: BLASTA now supports UCAC2 catalogue

The search engine BLASTA now provides access to the Second USNO CCD Astrograph Catalog, a high density, highly accurate, astrometric catalog of 48,366,996 stars covering the sky completely from -90 to +40 degrees in declination. For more information, see the BLASTA UCAC2 help page.

Feb 2004: New version of Digitised Sky Survey service supports DSS-II

An enhanced version of the Digitised Sky Survey image service now supports the second-generation DSS (DSS-II), providing images in three colour bands, with optional coordinate grid overlays. Users are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions for enhancements to this new service.

Feb 2004: 1XMM User Guide updated to version 1.3

The User Guide for the 1XMM Catalogue has been updated to version 1.3. The changes are summarised in the Guide's "Document Revision History".

Jan 2004: CIAO 3.0.2 and CALDB 2.25 available for download

The latest version of the Chandra data reduction software (CIAO 3.0.2) and calibration database (CALDB 2.25) are now available for download from LEDAS. The CIAO 3.0.2 patch version contains bug fixes to the Data Model library, Sherpa and a number of other CIAO tools. It also contains updated proposal tools for the Cycle 6 Call for Proposals.