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ASCA Data Products from ARNIE

There are a number of data files, images, help files and calibration files associated with each observation in the ASCA archive. These files are available via ARNIE, the LEDAS WWW database query interface. This page describes the layout of the ARNIE results pages for a query of the ASCAPUB database and how the data products can be obtained. For details of the contents of the individual files themselves, see the file-by-file guide to ASCA data products.

The "Results of ASCA Database Search" Page

After a successful query of the ASCAPUB database, the user is presented with a summary of the search criteria, the number of entries that match the criteria and a results table displaying the subsample obtained:


Three sets of data products are available from this page; the UNScreened data files, the SCReened data files and the AUXiliary files. For each observation there are a large number of these files available, so to make downloading easier for the user these files have been collected into three tar archives. This is a convenient format for the event files in particular because most users will need to download all of the screened/unscreened files, rather than just a subset.

These data are stored in our near-line CD-ROM jukebox system. To request a given product for one of the observations shown, select the relevant checkbox (UNS/SCR/AUX) at the left, fill in your e-mail address in one of the spaces provided and click on the "Submit" button next to it. Of course, you can select more than one checkbox at a time and thereby request multiple products at once. A convenient way to request the bulk of the products is to select the yellow "Invert Selection" checkbox, which applies a logical "NOT" to the individual checkboxes for that column.

You will shortly receive an e-mail confirmation when your data has been copied from the CD-ROM to our anonymous ftp area (this message also includes instructions on how to retrieve your data).

The "On-line Data Products" Page

Clicking on the "Products" button corresponding to one of the table entries takes the user to a page of on-line data products for that database:

On-line Products

This page provides access to all the ASCA data products for that observation which are kept on hard disk at LEDAS. For a typical ASCA archive entry, this will be a set of seven HTML help pages, two broad-band sky images in GIF format, six FITS format sky images in three bands, and two FITS format exposure maps.

  • The HTML files can be browsed immediately; a link is given to the top level (home) page of the help information, from which all the subsidiary pages can be accessed. If users require a complete set of the HTML files, these can be downloaded as a tar file using the command-line BROWSE interface.
  • The GIF images can be viewed directly over the WWW in the user's browser.
  • The FITS files must be copied to the user's own diskspace and then viewed either with the XANADU suite of software or the FTOOLS software package. To download a FITS file, press the shift key and simultaneously click the left mouse button on the required file.