X-RAY Catalogues
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1XMMXMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalog Version 1.1.033026
2XMMXMM Second Serendipitous Source Survey : 2XMM246897
2XMMIXMM Second Serendipitous Source Survey Incremental: 2XMMi289083
2XMMIDR3XMM Second Serendipitous Source Survey Data Release 3: 2XMMi-DR3353191
 2XMMIDR3SLIMXMM Second Serendipitous Source Survey Data Release 3 (SLIM)353191
2XMMPXMM Serendipitous Source Catalogue: 2XMM (Pre-release)153105
3XMMXMM Third Serendipitous Source Survey Data Release 4: 3XMM-DR4531261
3XMMDR5XMM Third Serendipitous Source Survey Data Release 5: 3XMM-DR5565962
 3XMMDR5SLIMXMM Third Serendipitous Source Survey Data Release 5 (SLIM)565962
3XMMDR7XMM Third Serendipitous Source Survey Data Release 7: 3XMM-DR7727790
 3XMMDR7SLIMXMM Third Serendipitous Source Survey Data Release 7 (SLIM)499266
 3XMMSLIMXMM Third Serendipitous Source Survey Data Release 4 (SLIM)372728
 3XMMSPECTRAL3XMM-DR4 Spectral Fitting Catalogue: 3XMMSPECTRAL114166
 A1HEAO 1 A-1 X-Ray Source Catalog842
 A1POINTHEAO 1 A1 Lightcurves63
 A2LCPOINTHEAO 1 A2 Pointed Lightcurves246
 A2LCSCANHEAO 1 A2 Scanned Lightcurves1626
 A2LEDHEAO 1 A-2 LED Catalog114
 A2PICHEAO 1 A-2 Piccinotti Catalog68
 A2POINTHEAO 1 A2 Pointing Catalog479
 A2RTRAWHEAO 1 A2 Raw Rates4036
 A2SPECBACKHEAO 1 A2 Spectra Background1542
 A2SPECTRAHEAO 1 A2 Spectra189
 A3HEAO 1 A3 MC LASS Catalog654
 A4HEAO 1 A4 X-ray72
 A4SPECTRAHEAO 1 A4 Spectra59
 ACCEPTCATArchive of Chandra Cluster Entropy Profile Tables (ACCEPT) Catalog240
 AEGISXAEGIS-X Chandra Extended Groth Strip X-Ray Point Source Catalog1325
 AGNSDSSXM2Sloan Digital Sky Survey/XMM-Newton Type1 AGN X-Ray and Radio Properties Catalog863
 AGNSDSSXMMSloan Digital Sky Survey/XMM-Newton AGN Spectral Properties Catalog153
 ALFPERXMMAlpha Per Open Cluster XMM-Newton X-Ray Source Catalog102
 ARCQUINCXOArches and Quintuplet Clusters Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog244
 ARIEL3A3rd Ariel-V SSI Catalog250
 ARIEL5Ariel V All-Sky Monitor250
 ARXAAtlas of Radio/X-Ray Associations (ARXA)602570
 ASCAAOASCA Proposals3045
 ASCAAOASCA Proposals3045
 ASCADISTRIBASCA Processing and Data Distribution3083
 ASCAEGCLUSASCA Elliptical Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters Catalog313
 ASCAGISASCA GIS Source Catalog (AMSS-I + AMSS-II)2533
 ASCAGPSASCA Galactic Plane Survey of Faint X-Ray Sources163
 ASCALOGASCA Observation Log1560
 ASCALOGASCA Observation Log1560
 ASCALSSASCA Large Sky Survey107
 ASCALTTLASCA Long-Term Timeline363
 ASCAMASTERASCA Master Catalog3079
 ASCAOASCA Proposals3199
 ASCAPRSPECASCA Proposal Info & Abstracts1730
ASCAPUBASCA Archival Data2779
 ASCAPUBLICASCA Archival Data3079
 ASCASISASCA SIS Source Catalog433
 ASCASTTLASCA Short-Term Timeline26627
 AT20GAustralia Telescope 20-GHz (AT20G) Survey Catalog5890
 AXISAXIS XMM-Newton Source Catalog2560
 BAT5BGRBSPCGRO/BATSE 5B Gamma-Ray Burst Spectral Catalog2145
 BBXRTBBXRT Archive157
 BHRFSCIDByurakan/Hamburg/ROSAT Catalog of Optical IDs3202
 BMWHRICATBrera Multi-scale Wavelet ROSAT HRI Source Catalog29089
 CAIXACatalog of AGN in the XMM-Newton Archive156
 CARGM31CXOCarina Nebula Gum 31 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog679
 CARINACLASCarina Nebula Chandra X-Ray Point Source Classes14368
 CARINACXOCarina Nebula Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog14369
 CARINAXMMCarina OB1 Association XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog557
 CCOSMOSCATChandra COSMOS (C-COSMOS) Survey X-Ray Point Source Catalog1761
 CCOSMPHOTZChandra COSMOS (C-COSMOS) Survey Photometric Redshift Catalog1694
 CCOSRSSFAGChandra COSMOS Radio-Selected Star-Forming Galaxies and AGN Catalog115
 CDFN2MSOIDChandra Deep Field North 2-Megasecond Optical & IR Catalog503
 CDFSAGNCXOChandra Deep Field South AGN Spectral Properties Catalog336
 CENACXOCentaurus A Galaxy Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog246
 CEPAXMMCepheus A SFR XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog102
 CEPBOB3CXOCep B/OB3 Star-Forming Region Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog431
 CG12CXOCG 12 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog128
 CHAINTHCXOChamaeleon I North Cloud Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog107
 CHAMPHXAGNCHAMP (Chandra Multiwavelength Project) Hard X-Ray Emitting AGN188
 CHAMPLANEChandra Multiwavelength Plane Survey Optical ID Catalog136
 CHAMPLANEXChaMPlane Galactic Bulge and Center X-ray Source Catalog5771
 CHAMPPSCChandra Multiwavelength Project (ChaMP) Point Source Catalog6512
 CHAMPSDSSACHAMP/SDSS Nearby Low-Luminosity AGN Catalog107
 CHANC150PCChandra Galactic Central 150 Parsecs Source Catalog1899
 CHANDFN1MSChandra Deep Field North 1-Megasecond Catalog370
 CHANDFN2MSChandra Deep Field North 2-Megasecond Catalog503
 CHANDFS1MSChandra Deep Field South 1-Megasecond Catalog346
 CHANDRAOChandra Proposals3312
 CHANDRAPUBChandra Public Observations13662
 CHANEXTDFSChandra Extended Deep Field South Survey Point Source Catalog809
 CHANGALCENChandra Galactic Center Point Source Catalog2357
 CHANGBSCATChandra Galactic Bulge Survey Full X-Ray Point Source Catalog1658
 CHANMASTERChandra Observations15432
 CHANNSGPSCChandra Nearby Spiral Galaxies Point Source Catalog830
 CHANSEXAGNChandra Serendipitous Extragalactic X-Ray Source ID (SEXSI)/Spitzer AGN Catalog290
 CHANSEXOIDChandra Serendipitous Extragalactic X-Ray Source ID (SEXSI) Optical Follow-Up1034
 CHANSEXSIChandra Serendipitous Extragalactic X-Ray Source ID (SEXSI) Catalog1034
 CHANTYPGPRChandra Typical Galactic Plane Region Point Source Catalog274
 CHANULXCATChandra Archive Of Galaxies Ultraluminous X-Ray Source Catalog155
 CHASFRXRAYROSAT All-Sky Survey: Chamaeleon Star Forming Region Study180
 CHESSCATChaMP Extended Stellar Survey (ChESS) X-Ray Catalog348
 CHICAGOCXOChIcAGO Survey Chandra X-Ray Source Catalog259
 CHNGPSCLIUChandra ACIS Survey of Nearby Galaxies X-Ray Point Source Catalog17559
 CHPNGPTSRCChandra Nearby Galaxies Point Source Catalog1441
 CLANSChandra Lockman Area North Survey (CLANS) X-ray Source Catalog761
 CLASXSChandra Large-Area Synoptic X-Ray Survey of Lockman Hole-NW525
 CMAEXOSAT CMA Images/Lightcurves7352
 CMAIMAGEEXOSAT CMA Images for Each Pointing3785
 CMAR1XRAYROSAT PSPC Catalog of Canis Major R1 X-ray Sources98
 COLL69XMMCollinder 69 Cluster XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog164
 COUPChandra Orion Ultradeep Point Source Catalog1616
 CSCChandra Source Catalog v1.1106586
 CXOXASSISTChandra XAssist Source List379160
 CYDERCalan-Yale Deep Extragalactic Research Survey X-Ray Source Catalog267
 CYGOB2CXOCygnus OB2 Association Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog1003
 CYGOB2CXO2Cygnus OB2 Association Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog 21696
 CYGOB2XMMCygnus OB2 Association XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog199
 CYGTEVCXOCygnus TeV Source Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog240
 ECDFSCXOExtended Chandra Deep Field-South X-Ray Point Source Catalog651
 ECDFSOIDExtended Chandra Deep Field-South Survey Optical Identifications Catalog339
 ECDFSOID2Extended Chandra Deep Field-South Optical and Near-IR Counterparts701
 ECDFSRSSAMRadio-Selected Extended Chandra Deep Field South Source Catalog268
 EINGALCATCatalog of Galaxies Observed by the Einstein Observatory IPC & HRI720
 EINGALCLUSEinstein Observatory Clusters of Galaxies Catalog396
 EINLOGEinstein Observation Log5659
 EINOPSLGALEinstein Survey of Optically Selected Galaxies1018
 EINSTEIN2EEinstein Observatory 2E Catalog of IPC X-Ray Sources5948
 ELAISCXOELAIS N1 and N2 Fields Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog233
 ELAISS1XMMELAIS S1 Field XMM-Newton X-Ray Source Catalog479
 EMSSEinstein Catalog IPC EMSS Survey835
 EROSXMMExtremely Red Objects XMM-Newton Survey Catalog111
 ETGALCXOEarly-Type Galaxies Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog1194
 ETGALXRAYEarly-Type Galaxies X-Ray Luminosities Catalog425
 EXMSEXOSAT ME Slew Catalog1210
 EXOFOTEXOSAT Final Observation Tapes6614
 EXOGPSEXOSAT/ME Galactic Plane Survey70
 EXOHGLSEXOSAT/CMA High Galactic Latitude Survey210
 EXOLOGEXOSAT Observation Log6358
 EXOMASTEREXOSAT Master Observation List6383
 EXOPUBSEXOSAT Bibliography589
 EXSSEinstein Extended Source Survey1325
EXTRAS_WP2_500SEXTraS Aperiodic X-ray Variability Catalogue (500s binning)31415
EXTRAS_WP2_OPTEXTraS Aperiodic X-ray Variability Catalogue (Optimised binning)19381
 FORNAXACXOFornax A (NGC 1316) Chandra X-Ray Source Catalog95
 FORNAXXMMFornax Dwarf Galaxy XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog107
 FPCSFITSEinstein FPCS Events Files436
 GALCCXONIDGalactic Center Chandra X-ray Source Near-IR Counterparts5184
 GALCENCXOGalactic Center Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog9017
 GALCENPSPCROSAT PSPC Galactic Center Soft X-Ray Source Catalog107
 GC47TUCCXO47 Tuc Globular Cluster Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog446
 GCPTSRCCXOChandra Point Sources in 18 Distant Galaxy Clusters119
 GINGABGDGinga Background Lightcurves & Spectra415
GINGAFRFGinga FRF Database100523
 GINGALACGinga Source Lightcurves & Spectra419
 GINGALOGGinga LAC Log11673
 GINGAMODEGinga LAC Mode Catalog65799
 GINGARAWGinga LAC Raw Data29946
 GSEXOSAT GSPC Spectra and Lightcurves609
 GWSSTRPCXOGroth-Westphal Strip Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog158
 HERS82CATHerschel Stripe 82 Survey (HerS) Point Source Catalog32815
 HETE2GCNHETE-2 GCN Triggers Catalog1235
 HETE2GRBHETE-2 Gamma-Ray Bursts84
 HETE2TLHETE-2 Timeline42574
 HMXBCATCatalog of High-Mass X-Ray Binaries in the Galaxy (4th Ed.)114
 HPERSEICXOH Persei Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog330
 HRASSCATHamburg/RASS Catalog: X-Ray Sources5341
 HRICFAEinstein Catalog HRI CFA Sources598
 HRIDEEPEinstein Catalog HRI Deep Survey210
 HRIEXOEinstein Catalog HRI ESTEC Sources2530
 HRIIMAGEEinstein HRI Images871
 HRIPHOTEinstein HRI Photon Event Data869
 HYADESXRAYROSAT All-Sky Survey: Hyades Cluster Region440
 IBISCAT3Third IBIS/ISGRI Soft Gamma-Ray Survey Catalog421
 IBISCAT4Fourth IBIS/ISGRI Soft Gamma-Ray Survey Catalog723
 IC10XMMCXOIC 10 XMM-Newton and Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog101
 IC1396NCXOIC 1396N Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog117
 IC2944XMMIC 2944/2948 XMM-Newton X-Ray Source Catalog368
 IC348CXOIC 348 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog215
 IC348CXO2IC 348 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog 2290
 INTBSCINTEGRAL Bright Source Catalog312
 INTEGRALAOINTEGRAL Observing Program10285
 INTGCCATINTEGRAL IBIS Hard X-Ray Survey of Galactic Center60
 INTREFCATINTEGRAL Reference Catalog2068
 INTSCWINTEGRAL Science Window Data244638
 INTSCWPUBINTEGRAL Public Pointed Science Window Data110570
 INTVARCATINTEGRAL/ISGRI Catalog of Variable X-Ray Sources202
 IPCEinstein IPC Sources Catalog6816
 IPCDEEPEinstein Catalog IPC Deep Survey178
 IPCIMAGEEinstein IPC Images4132
 IPCLXLBOLEinstein LX & LBL Values for IPC O Stars289
 IPCOSTARSEinstein Count Rates for IPC O Stars289
 IPCPHOTEinstein IPC Photon Event Data4092
 IPCSLEWEinstein Catalog IPC Slew Survey819
 IPCULTSOFTEinstein IPC Ultrasoft Sources Catalog516
 IPCUNSCRNDEinstein IPC Unscreened Photon Event List4028
 KVTTMCOMISKvant TTM/COMIS X-Ray Source Catalog67
 LALABOOCXOLALA Bootes Field Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog169
 LALACETCXOLALA Cetus Field Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog188
 LAMORIXMMLambda Orionis Cluster XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog167
 LECMA Catalog Central 6 Arcmin2563
 LKHA101CXOLkH-alpha 101 Star Formation Region Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog213
 LMC30DRCXOLMC 30 Doradus Complex Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog180
 LMCHRIXRAYROSAT HRI Catalog of LMC X-Ray Sources (Sasaki et al.)397
 LMCN11CXOLMC N11 Giant HII Region Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog165
 LMCROSXRAYROSAT PSPC Catalog of LMC X-Ray Sources (Haberl & Pietsch)758
 LMCXRAYLMC X-Ray Discrete Sources114
 LMXBCATLow-Mass X-Ray Binary Catalog (4th Edition 2007)187
 LOCKMANOIRLockman Hole AGN Optical and Infrared Properties Catalog409
 LOCKMANXM2Lockman Hole XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog409
 LOCKMANXMMLockman Hole Field XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog123
 LUPUS3XMMLupus 3 SFR XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog102
 M101CXOM 101 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog110
 M101XMMM 101 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog108
 M16CXOM 16 (Eagle Nebula) Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog1754
 M17CXOM 17 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog886
 M31CFCXOM 31 Central Field Chandra HRI X-Ray Point Source Catalog318
 M31CXO2M 31 Bulge Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog263
 M31CXOXRAYM 31 Central Region Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog204
 M31DEEPXMMM 31 Deep XMM-Newton Survey X-Ray Source Catalog1948
 M31ROSXRAYROSAT PSPC M31 Source Catalog560
 M31XMM2M31 XMM-Newton Spectral Survey X-Ray Point Source Catalog335
 M31XMMXRAYXMM-Newton M31 Survey Source Catalog895
 M31XRAYROSAT PSPC Survey of M31400
 M33CHASEM 33 Chandra ACIS Survey (ChASeM33) Final Source Catalog662
 M33CXOXRAYM 33 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog783
 M33XMM2M33 XMM-Newton X-Ray Variability Source Catalog350
 M33XMMXRAYXMM-Newton M33 Survey Catalog408
 M51CXOM 51 Chandra X-Ray Discrete Source Catalog113
 M67CXOM 67 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog158
 M71CXOM 71 Chandra X-Ray Point Source and Optical/Infrared Counterparts Catalog165
 M81CXOM 81 Chandra X-Ray Discrete Source Catalog177
 M81CXO2M 81 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog276
 M83CXOM 83 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog458
 M83XMMM 83 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog189
 M87CXOM 87 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog174
 MAGHMXBCATMagellanic Clouds High-Mass X-Ray Binaries Catalog128
 MARANOXMMMarano Field XMM-Newton X-Ray Source Optical Counterparts195
 MAXIGSCHGL37-Month MAXI/GSC High Galactic-Latitude Source Catalog500
 MCXCMCXC Meta-Catalog of X-Ray Detected Clusters of Galaxies1743
 MEEXOSAT ME Spectra and Lightcurves2291
 MONR2CXOMonoceros R2 Cloud Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog368
 MOXCMassive Star-Forming Regions Omnibus X-Ray Catalog20623
 MPCRAWEinstein MPC Raw Data19453
 MWP1BUBBLEMilky Way Project First Data Release IR Bubble Catalog5106
 MYSTIXMPCMMassive Young Star-Forming Complex Stdy in IR & X-Rays: MYStIX Prob Complex Mbrs31549
 MYSTIXXRAYMassive Young Star-Forming Complex Study in IR & X-Rays: X-Ray Source Catalog11315
 NEWMDWARFSNew M Dwarfs in the Solar Neighborhood1079
 NGC1291CXONGC 1291 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog169
 NGC1333CXONGC 1333 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog109
 NGC1399CXONGC 1399 Chandra X-Ray Source Catalog230
 NGC1512XMMNGC 1512/NGC 1510 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog106
 NGC1893CXONGC 1893 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog1021
 NGC2024CXONGC 2024 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog283
 NGC2237CXONGC 2237 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog168
 NGC2244CXONGC 2244/Rosette Nebula Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog919
 NGC2264CX2NGC 2264 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog 2420
 NGC2264CXONGC 2264 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog263
 NGC2264XMMNGC 2264 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog300
 NGC2362CXONGC 2362 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog394
 NGC2403CXONGC 2403 Central 3-kpc Region Chandra Source Catalog129
 NGC2516CXONGC 2516 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog288
 NGC2516XMMNGC 2516 Cluster XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog436
 NGC253XMMNGC 253 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog185
 NGC2547XMMNGC 2547 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog163
 NGC2808CXONGC 2808 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog113
 NGC2808XMMNGC 2808 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog96
 NGC2903CXONGC 2903 Central Region Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog92
 NGC300CXONGC 300 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog95
 NGC4278CXONGC 4278 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog236
 NGC4472CXONGC 4472 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog147
 NGC4636CXONGC 4636 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog277
 NGC4649CX2NGC 4649 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog 2501
 NGC4649CXONGC 4649 Chandra X-Ray Discrete Source Catalog165
 NGC6231XMMNGC 6231 XMM-Newton X-Ray Source Catalog610
 NGC6334CXONGC 6334 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog1607
 NGC6357CXONGC 6357 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog779
 NGC6357OIDNGC 6357/Pismis 24 Chandra Point Source Optical/IR Identifications Catalog643
 NGC6530CXONGC 6530 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog901
 NGC6530OIDNGC 6530 Chandra Point Source Optical/IR Identifications Catalog826
 NGC6530XMMNGC 6530 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog117
 NGC752CXONGC 752 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog262
 NGC752XMMNGC 752 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog145
 NORASNorthern ROSAT All-Sky (NORAS) Galaxy Cluster Survey Catalog601
 NUAFTLNuSTAR As-Flown Timeline1626
 NUMASTERNuSTAR Master Catalog2404
 OBSLOGMaster Observation Logs44479
 OMC2P3CXOOMC-2 and OMC-3 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog398
 OMEGCENCXOOmega Centauri Globular Cluster Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog180
 OMEGCENXMMOmega Centauri XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog146
 ONCCXOOPTOrion Nebula Cluster Chandra HRC Optical Sample696
 ONCCXOXRAYOrion Nebula Cluster Chandra HRC X-Ray Point Source Catalog742
 ORIONFFCXOOrion Flanking Fields Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog417
 ORIONXRAYROSAT Survey of the Orion Nebula389
 ORIONXSTARROSAT HRI Orion Group 1 Stars175
 OSO8ALCOSO8 A Detector Lightcurves277
 OSO8BCLCOSO8 B&C Detector Lightcurves608
 OSRILQXRAYOptically Selected Radio-Intermediate and Loud Quasars X-ray Emission Catalog654
 PLANCKESZCPlanck Early Sunyaev-Zeldovich Detected Cluster Candidates Catalog189
 PLEIADXRAYROSAT PSPC Catalog of the Pleiades (Micela et al. 1996)214
 QORGCATAll-Sky Optical Catalog of Radio/X-Ray Sources501756
 RASS2MASSROSAT All-Sky Survey BSC/2MASS PSC Cross-Associations XID II Catalog18806
 RASSAEQSOROSAT All-Sky Survey/ASIAGO-ESO QSO Survey Catalog512
 RASSASASEBRASS/All-Sky Automated Survey Eclipsing Binaries Catalog807
 RASSBSCROSAT All-Sky Survey: Bright Sources18811
 RASSBSCPGCROSAT All-Sky Survey Bright Source Catalog/Catalog of Principal Galaxies Matches1124
 RASSCALSROSAT All-Sky Survey CALS Galaxy Groups Catalog260
 RASSCNS3ROSAT All-Sky Survey: Nearby Stars1252
 RASSDSSAGNROSAT All-Sky Survey and SDSS DR5 Sample of X-Ray Emitting AGN7005
 RASSDWARFROSAT All-Sky Survey: A-K Dwarfs/Subgiants979
 RASSEBCSROSAT All-Sky Survey Extended Brightest Cluster Sample312
 RASSFIRSTROSAT All-Sky Survey Single FIRST Matches Catalog843
 RASSFSCROSAT All-Sky Survey: Faint Sources105924
 RASSGBRASS/Green Bank Catalog2297
 RASSGIANTROSAT All-Sky Survey: Giants & Supergiants450
 RASSHGSFT2ROSAT All-Sky Survey: Soft High Galactic-Latitude X-Ray Sources 277
 RASSHGSOFTROSAT All-Sky Survey: Soft High Galactic-Latitude X-Ray Sources397
RASSIMAGESROSAT All-Sky Survey Images1379
 RASSMASTERROSAT All-Sky Survey Archival Data1378
 RASSNORSAMROSAT All-Sky Survey Completely Identified Northern Sample744
 RASSOBROSAT All-Sky Survey: OB Stars1822
 RASSPUBLICROSAT All-Sky Survey Public Archival Data1378
 RASSUSNOIDROSAT All-Sky Survey Bright Source Catalog USNO A2 Cross-Associations6232
 RASSVARSRASS X-Ray Variable Sources Catalog1207
 RASSWDROSAT All-Sky Survey: White Dwarfs175
 RBSROSAT Bright Survey (Schwope et al. 2000)2072
 RBSCNVSSROSAT All-Sky Survey/NVSS Bright X-Ray Source Sample1747
 RCW108CXORCW 108 Star Formation Region Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog424
 RCW38CXORCW 38 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog460
 RCW38CXO2RCW 38 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog 2536
 RCW49CXORCW 49 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog468
 REFLEXROSAT-ESO Flux-Limited X-Ray (REFLEX) Galaxy Cluster Survey447
 RHESSIGRBRHESSI Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog427
 RHOOPHCXORho Ophiuchi SFR Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog306
 RIXOSROSAT International X-Ray/Optical Survey Source Catalog404
 ROMABZCATRoma-BZCAT Multi-Frequency Catalog of Blazars3149
 ROS13HRCXOROSAT/XMM-Newton 13-hour Field Chandra X-Ray Source Catalog214
 ROS13HRXMMROSAT 13-hour Field XMM-Newton X-Ray Source Catalog225
 ROS400GCLSROSAT PSPC 400 Square Degree Galaxy Cluster Catalog242
 ROSAOROSAT Proposals5030
 ROSATHARDROSAT Hard-Spectrum X-Ray Source Catalog147
 ROSATLOGROSAT Observation Log62291
 ROSATMASTERROSAT Master Catalog18825
 ROSATRLQROSAT Radio-Loud Quasars Catalog654
 ROSATRQQROSAT Radio-Quiet Quasars Catalog846
 ROSATXUVROSAT XUV Pointed Phase1022
 ROSETTECXORosette Molecular Cloud Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog395
 ROSGALCLUSROSAT PSPC Catalog of Clusters of Galaxies223
 ROSHRIROSAT Results Archive Sources for the HRI13452
 ROSHRITOTALROSAT Complete Results Archive Sources for the HRI131902
 ROSIDROSAT SIMBAD Identifications639774
 ROSLTLROSAT Long-Term Timeline10596
 ROSMASTERROSAT Archival Data11431
 ROSNEPAGNROSAT North Ecliptic Pole Survey Active Galactic Nuclei Catalog219
 ROSNEPOIDROSAT North Ecliptic Pole Survey Optical Identifications446
 ROSNEPXRAYROSAT North Ecliptic Pole Survey X-Ray Source Catalog443
 ROSPRSPECROSAT Proposal Abstracts2588
 ROSPSPCROSAT Results Archive Sources for the PSPC54133
 ROSPSPCFROSAT Results Archive Sources for the PSPC with Filter704
 ROSPSPCFTOTROSAT Complete Results Archive Sources for the PSPC with Filter2526
 ROSPSPCTOTALROSAT Complete Results Archive Sources for the PSPC116259
 ROSPUBLICROSAT Archival Data11431
 ROSSTLROSAT Short-Term Timeline52351
 ROSWFC2REROSAT Catalog WFC 2RE Sources479
 ROSWFCBSCROSAT WFC Bright Source Catalog384
ROSWFCSEROSAT WFC Survey Event Files13510
ROSWFCSIROSAT WFC Sky Survey Images13516
 ROTXRAYCATStars with Rotation Periods & X-Ray Luminosities Catalog820
 ROXAROXA (Radio-Optical-X-ray at ASDC) Blazars Catalog816
 RSSGRBAGRadio-Selected Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglow Catalog304
 S254258CXOS254-S258 Star-Forming Region Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog364
 SA57XMMSelected Area 57 XMM-Newton X-Ray Source Catalog140
 SACYSACY (Search for Associations Containing Young Stars) Catalog1791
 SAX2TO10BeppoSAX 2-10 keV Survey177
 SAXAOBeppoSAX Approved Pointings1923
 SAXGRBMGRBBeppoSAX/GRBM Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog1082
 SAXHELLASBeppoSAX High-Energy Large Area Survey (HELLAS) X-Ray Source Catalog147
 SAXHELLASRBeppoSAX High-Energy Large Area Survey (HELLAS) Radio Source Catalog147
 SAXNFILOGBeppoSAX NFI Archive and Observation Log2129
 SAXWFCCATBeppoSAX Wide Field Camera X-Ray Source Catalog253
 SAXWFCCAT2BeppoSAX Wide Field Camera Unbiased X-Ray Source Catalog404
 SAXWFCLOGBeppoSAX WFC Observation Log5626
 SDSSCXOQSOSloan Digital Sky Survey Quasars Detected by Chandra1135
 SDSSWHLGCSloan Digital Sky Survey DR6 Galaxy Clusters Catalog39716
 SDSSXMMQSOSloan Digital Sky Survey (DR5)/XMM-Newton Quasar Survey Catalog792
 SELHCGCXOSelected Hickson Compact Groups Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog1049
 SFGALHMXBStar-Forming Galaxies High-Mass X-Ray Binaries Catalog1055
 SIGORIXMMSigma Orionis Cluster XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog156
 SIXSRVYCATSwift-INTEGRAL X-Ray (SIX) Survey Catalog113
 SMCDFSCXOSmall Magellanic Cloud Deep Fields X-Ray Point Source Catalog394
 SMCPSCXMMSmall Magellanic Cloud XMM-Newton Point Source Catalog3053
 SMCROSXRAYROSAT PSPC Survey of the Small Magellanic Cloud248
 SMCROSXRY2ROSAT PSPC Catalog of SMC X-Ray Sources (Haberl et al)517
 SMCWINGCXOSmall Magellanic Cloud Wing Survey Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog523
 SMCXRAYSMC X-Ray Discrete Sources70
 SPICESCXOSPICES Lynx Field Chandra X-Ray Source Catalog153
 SSA22CXOSSA22 Field Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog297
 SSSEinstein SSS Spectra and Lightcurves634
 SSSRAWEinstein SSS and MPC Raw Data4273
 SUZAXISLOGSuzaku XIS Configuration Log16457
 SWBATAGN60Swift BAT 60-Month Survey of Active Galactic Nuclei Catalog428
 SWIRECXOSpitzer Wide-Area IR Extra-Galactic Survey Chandra X-Ray Sources99
 SWIRELHCXOSWIRE/Chandra Lockman Hole Field X-Ray Source Catalog775
 SWSDSSQSOSwift Simultaneous UV Optical and X-Ray Observed Quasar Catalog1034
 SWXRT1FGLSwift XRT Counterparts to Unidentified 1FGL Sources267
 SXDSCATSubaru/XMM-Newton Deep Survey X-Ray Source List1245
 TARTARUSTartarus: Reduced ASCA AGN Data (Version 3.1)611
 TAURUSXMMTaurus Molecular Cloud XMM-Newton X-Ray Source Catalog2347
 TGSEXOSAT TGS L and R Orders60
 TGS2EXOSAT TGS Spectra and Lightcurves60
 TRIFIDCXOTrifid Nebula (M 20) Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog304
 TWOSIGMAEinstein Two-Sigma Catalog46185
 UHURU4Uhuru Fourth (4U) Catalog339
 ULXNGCATUltraluminous X-Ray Sources in Nearby Galaxies Catalog107
 ULXRBCATUltraluminous X-Ray Sources in External Galaxies Catalog229
 UPPRSCOXMMUpper Sco XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog224
 VLAECDFSCLSVLA Extended-Chandra Deep Field-South Classification Catalog883
 VLAECDFSOIVLA Extended-Chandra Deep Field-South 1.4-GHz Sources Opt/IR Counterparts883
 W2RAGNCATWISE/2MASS/RASS (W2R) AGN Sample Catalog4316
 W40SFRCXOW 40 Star-Forming Region Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog225
 WARPSWide Angle ROSAT Pointed Survey First Phase (WARPS-I)201
 WARPS2Wide Angle ROSAT Pointed Survey Second Phase (WARPS-II) Clusters Catalog125
 WD1CXOWesterlund 1 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog241
 WFCBSCROSAT Catalog WFC 1RE Sources384
 WGACATROSAT Catalog PSPC WGA Sources88579
 WGACAT95ROSAT Catalog PSPC WGA Sources (1995)68907
 WGACATTOTALROSAT Complete Catalog PSPC WGA Sources115962
 XBOOTESXBOOTES: NDWFS Bootes Field X-Ray Point Source Catalog3293
 XBOOTESOIDXBOOTES: NDWFS Bootes Field Optical & Near IR Counterparts5318
 XCOLLX-ray Collimators Catalogs1738
 XCOPRAWCopernicus X-Ray Observations6555
 XCSXMM-Newton Cluster Survey Catalog DR1 Version503
 XDEEP2DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey Fields Chandra Point Source Catalog2976
 XMDSVVDS4SXMM-Newton Medium Deep Survey/VIRMOS VLT Deep Survey 4-Sigma Catalog364
 XMMABSTVIEWXMM-Newton Proposal Abstract Information6134
 XMMAOXMM-Newton Accepted Targets8427
 XMMBSSXMM-Newton Bright Serendipitous Survey400
 XMMBSSAGNXMM-Newton Bright Serendipitous Survey: AGN X-Ray Spectral Properties305
 XMMCDFS210XMM-Newton Deep Survey in the CDF-S 2-10 keV Source Catalog339
 XMMCDFS510XMM-Newton Deep Survey in the CDF-S 5-10 keV Source Catalog137
 XMMCFRSCATXMM-Newton/Canada-France Redshift Survey Fields X-Ray Sources300
 XMMCOSMAGNXMM-COSMOS Catalog of X-Ray Selected Type 1 AGN545
 XMMCOSMOSXMM-Newton COSMOS X-Ray Point Source Catalog1887
 XMMCPHOTZXMM-Newton COSMOS (XMM-COSMOS) Survey Photometric Redshift Catalog1735
 XMMCTY2AGNXMM-COSMOS X-Ray Selected Type-2 AGN255
 XMMGPSXMM-Newton Galactic Plane Survey - XGPS424
 XMMLOGXMM-Newton Observation Log10600
 XMMLSSXMM-Newton Large-Scale Structure X-Ray Source Catalog3385
 XMMLSSCLASXMM-Newton Large-Scale Structure Optical Counterparts and Redshifts4206
 XMMLSSOIDXMM-Newton Large-Scale Structure Optical Identifications Catalog487
 XMMMASTERXMM-Newton Master Log & Public Archive14282
 XMMMASTERNEWNEW XMM-Newton Master Log & Public Archive4145
 XMMOBSTARSXMM-Newton OB Stars Catalog310
 XMMPUBLICXMM-Newton U.S. Public Archive13521
 XMMSDSSGCE2XMMi/SDSS Galaxy Cluster Survey Extension145
 XMMSDSSGCS2XMMi/SDSS Galaxy Cluster Survey530
 XMMSLEWCLNXMM-Newton Slew Survey Clean Source Catalog v1.620163
 XMMSLEWEGSXMM-Newton Slew Survey Extragalactic Sample219
 XMMSLEWFULXMM-Newton Slew Survey Full Source Catalog v1.641423
 XMMSSCGPSXMM-Newton Survey Science Center Survey of the Galactic Plane739
 XMMSSCLWBDXMM-Newton 2XMMi-DR3 Selected Source Detections Catalog19637
 XMMSSCLWBSXMM-Newton 2XMMi-DR3 Selected Source Classifications Catalog4330
 XMMVARAGNEnsemble X-Ray Variability of AGN in 2XMMi-DR3412
 XMMXASSISTXMM-Newton XAssist Source List433923
 XMSXMM-Newton Medium Sensitivity Survey (XMS) Source Catalog318
 XRAYMaster X-Ray Catalog1701473
 XRAYSELBLLX-Ray Selected BL Lac Objects Catalog312
 XRBCATX-Ray Binaries Catalog229
 XTEAOXTE Proposal Info & Abstracts6389
 XTEASMLONGXTE All-Sky Monitor Long-Term Observed Sources587
 XTEASMQUICKXTE All-Sky Monitor Quicklook Observed Data7042
 XTEASSAGNXTE All-Sky Slew Survey AGN Catalog130
 XTEASSCATXTE All-Sky Slew Survey Catalog321
 XTEINDEXXTE Target Index Catalog5461
 XTELTSCHEDXTE Long-Term Schedule53215
 XTEMASTERXTE Master Catalog144375
 XTEMLCATXTE Mission-Long Source Catalog274
 XTEOBSXTE Observation Log330837
 XTEPROCESSXTE Post-Processing Observation Information331062
 XTEPUBALLXTE Archived Public Data (Including Slews)346848
 XTEPUBLICXTE Archived Public Data147284
 XTESLEWXTE Archived Public Slew Data199564
 XTESTSCHEDXTE Short-Term Schedule322785
 XTETARGETXTE Target Information5212
 XTETOOXTE Public ToOs (and Other Missing Observations)48433