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 ANSUVPSCATANS Ultraviolet Photometry Catalog of Point Sources3573
 FAUSTFaust Far-UV Point Source Catalog4831
 FUSELOGFar Ultraviolet Explorer (FUSE) Observation Log5061
 GALEXTDSCGALEX Time Domain Survey Catalog1078
 GLXSDSSQS2GALEX/SDSS z=0.5-1.5 QSO Candidates Catalog19812
 IUELOGIUE (International Ultraviolet Explorer) Final Merged Observation Log110033
 MSXUVPSCMidcourse Space Experiment (MSX) Ultraviolet Point Source Catalog47318
 SWSDSSQSOSwift Simultaneous UV Optical and X-Ray Observed Quasar Catalog1034
 TD1TD1 Stellar Ultraviolet Fluxes Catalog31215
 UITUltraviolet Imaging Telescope Near-UV Bright Objects Catalog2244
 UITMASTERUltraviolet Imaging Telescope Master Catalog1481
 XMMCOSMAGNXMM-COSMOS Catalog of X-Ray Selected Type 1 AGN545
 XMMOMCATXMM-Newton OM Object Catalog3686716
 XMMOMSUSSXMM-Newton Optical Monitor Serendipitous UV Source Survey Catalog v2.05595331