OPTICAL Catalogues
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 1SWASP_LIGHTCURVESSuperWASP lightcurves DR117970937
 ABELLAbell Clusters5250
 ABELLZCATAbell Clusters Measured Redshifts Catalog1059
 ACRSAstrographic Catalog of Reference Stars320211
 AGNSDSSXM2Sloan Digital Sky Survey/XMM-Newton Type1 AGN X-Ray and Radio Properties Catalog863
 AGNSDSSXMMSloan Digital Sky Survey/XMM-Newton AGN Spectral Properties Catalog153
 ARXAAtlas of Radio/X-Ray Associations (ARXA)602570
 ASIAGOSNAsiago Supernova Catalog (Dynamic Version)6435
 ASIAGOSN99Asiago Supernova Catalog (1999 Version)1447
 ATLASCSIDAT Large Area Survey (ATLAS) CDF-S/SWIRE ID and Classification Catalog726
 ATLASESIDAT Large Area Survey (ATLAS) ELAIS-S1/SWIRE ID and Classification Catalog1276
 ATLASSPECZAT Large Area Survey (ATLAS) Spectroscopic Classes & Redshifts Catalog466
 BATTEN8th Orbital Elements Catalog1469
 BDBonner Durchmusterung325037
 BESTARSBe Stars Catalog1158
 BNMDSPECATBrightest M Dwarfs in the Northern Sky Spectroscopic Catalog1564
 BSC5PBright Star Catalog9110
 CABSCATChromospherically Active Binary Stars Catalog206
 CARINACXOCarina Nebula Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog14369
 CCOSMPHOTZChandra COSMOS (C-COSMOS) Survey Photometric Redshift Catalog1694
 CCOSRSSFAGChandra COSMOS Radio-Selected Star-Forming Galaxies and AGN Catalog115
 CDFN2MSOI2Chandra Deep Field North Updated Optical & IR Catalog503
 CDFSAGNCXOChandra Deep Field South AGN Spectral Properties Catalog336
 CEPAXMMCepheus A SFR XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog102
 CEPBOB3OIDCep B/OB3 Star-Forming Region Chandra Point Source Optical/IR IDs Catalog431
 CFA2SCfA Redshift Survey: South Galactic Cap Data4278
 CG12CXOCG 12 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog128
 CGMWCandidate Galaxies Behind the Milky Way19530
 CHAINTHCXOChamaeleon I North Cloud Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog107
 CHAMPHXAGNCHAMP (Chandra Multiwavelength Project) Hard X-Ray Emitting AGN188
 CHAMPLANEChandra Multiwavelength Plane Survey Optical ID Catalog136
 CHANSEXOIDChandra Serendipitous Extragalactic X-Ray Source ID (SEXSI) Optical Follow-Up1034
 CHANVGUIDEChandra Variable Guide Star Catalog827
 CHESSCATChaMP Extended Stellar Survey (ChESS) X-Ray Catalog348
 CLANSOIDChandra Lockman Area North Survey (CLANS) Optical & IR Catalog641
 CLASXSOIDChandra Large-Area Synoptic X-Ray Survey Optical & IR Catalog492
 CNS3Gliese Catalog of Nearby Stars 3rd Edition3803
 COCDCOCD: Catalog of Open Cluster Data520
 COCDEXT1COCD: Catalog of Open Cluster Data First Extension130
 COLL69OIDCollinder 69 Cluster Optical/IR Counterparts to XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Sources205
 COROTEXLOGCoRoT Stellar Targets for Exoplanet Detection Observation Log156584
 COUPChandra Orion Ultradeep Point Source Catalog1616
 CPSTARSCatalog of Ap HgMn and Am Stars8205
 CVCATCataclysmic Variables Catalog (2006 Final Edition)1830
 DR3QSOSDSS Quasar Catalog (Release 3)46420
 DUERBECKGalactic Novae References Catalog283
 ECDFSOIDExtended Chandra Deep Field-South Survey Optical Identifications Catalog339
 ECDFSOID2Extended Chandra Deep Field-South Optical and Near-IR Counterparts701
 EROSXMMExtremely Red Objects XMM-Newton Survey Catalog111
 ESOUPPSALAESO-Uppsala ESO(B) Survey18422
 EXGALEMOBJHewitt & Burbidge (1991) Catalog of Extragalactic Emission-Line Objects935
 EXOPLANETSExtrasolar Planets Encyclopedia1850
 EXOPLANODBExoplanet Orbit Database4875
 FBSBSOCATFirst Byurakan Survey Blue Stellar Objects Catalog1103
 FLARESTARSUV Cet-type Flare Stars & Related Objects Catalog463
 FSVSCLUSTRFaint Sky Variability Survey Catalog of Galaxy Clusters and Rich Groups593
 GCSCATGlobular Cluster Systems of Galaxies Catalog422
 GCVSGeneral Catalog of Variable Stars March 2012 Version45835
 GCVSEGSNGeneral Catalog of Variable Stars (GCVS4.2): Extragalactic Supernovae983
 GCVSEGVARSGeneral Catalog of Variable Stars (GCVS4.2): Extragalactic Variables10979
 GCVSNSVARSGeneral Catalog of Variable Stars March 2012 Version: Suspected Variable Stars23289
 GLIESE2MASGliese Catalog Stars with Accurate Coordinates and 2MASS Cross-Identifications4106
 GLOBCLUSTMilky Way Globular Clusters Catalog (December 2010 Version)157
 GLXSDSSQS2GALEX/SDSS z=0.5-1.5 QSO Candidates Catalog19812
 GOSCATGalactic O Stars with Accurate Spectral Classes Catalog378
 GSCHST Guide Star Catalog Version 1.225241730
 GWSSTRPCXOGroth-Westphal Strip Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog158
 HBCHerbig & Bell Catalog of Orion Pop. Emission-Line Stars735
 HCGHickson Compact Groups of Galaxies (HCG) Catalog100
 HCGGALAXYHickson Compact Groups of Galaxies (HCG) Individual Galaxies Data463
 HDHenry Draper (HD) Catalog272150
 HDECHenry Draper Extension Charts Catalog88883
 HICHipparcos Input Catalog118209
 HIIREGIONSharpless H II Regions313
 HIPNEWCATHipparcos New Astrometric Catalog117955
 HIPPARCOSHipparcos Main Catalog118218
 HMXBCATCatalog of High-Mass X-Ray Binaries in the Galaxy (4th Ed.)114
 HRASSOPTIDHamburg/RASS Catalog: Optical Identifications13829
 HSTAECHST Archived Exposures Catalog508518
 HSTPAECHST Planned and Archived Observations530543
 HUBBLEUDFHubble Ultra Deep Field Catalog10179
 IC348CXOIC 348 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog215
 INTOMCVSINTEGRAL OMC First Catalog of Optically Variable Sources5263
 IRASPSCZIRAS Point Source Catalog Redshift (PSCz) Catalog18411
 LALACETCXOLALA Cetus Field Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog188
 LBNLynds Catalog of Bright Nebulae1125
 LBQSLarge Bright Quasar Survey1055
 LCRSCATLas Campanas Redshift Survey Catalog94959
 LDNLynds Catalog of Dark Nebulae1791
 LMC30DRCXOLMC 30 Doradus Complex Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog180
 LMCCLUSTRSLMC Clusters Catalog1762
 LMCEXTOBJLarge Magellanic Cloud Extended Objects Catalog6659
 LMXBCATLow-Mass X-Ray Binary Catalog (4th Edition 2007)187
 LOCKMANOIRLockman Hole AGN Optical and Infrared Properties Catalog409
 LOCKMANXMMLockman Hole Field XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog123
 LSPMNORTHLepine and Shara Northern Stars Proper Motion (LSPM-North) Catalog61977
 LYNGACLUSTLynga Open Clusters Catalog1150
 M31CLUSTRSM31 Globular Cluster Candidates Catalog420
 M31RBCGCM31 Revised Bologna Clusters and Candidates Catalog (Version 5)2060
 M31STARSM31 Field Brightest Stars Catalog20216
 M31STARS2MIT/Amsterdam M31 Survey485388
 M31XMM2M31 XMM-Newton Spectral Survey X-Ray Point Source Catalog335
 M67CXOM 67 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog158
 M81CXOM 81 Chandra X-Ray Discrete Source Catalog177
 M87CXOM 87 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog174
 MACSMagellanic Catalog of Stars243561
 MARANOXMMMarano Field XMM-Newton X-Ray Source Optical Counterparts195
 MARKARIANFirst Byurakan Survey (Markarian) Catalog of UV-Excess Galaxies1469
 MARKARIAN2Markarian Galaxies Optical Database1544
 MASHPNCATMASH Catalogs of MASH Planetary Nebulae1238
 MCGMorphological Galaxy Catalog29003
 MCKSIONMcCook-Sion White Dwarf Catalog (Web Version)14294
 MDWARFASCBright M Dwarf All-Sky Catalog8889
 MESSIERMessier Nebulae109
 MORBBINCATDynamical Masses of Selected Orbital Binary Systems652
 MWSCMilky Way Star Clusters Catalog3145
 MYSTIXMPCMMassive Young Star-Forming Complex Stdy in IR & X-Rays: MYStIX Prob Complex Mbrs31549
 NEARGALCATUpdated Nearby Galaxy Catalog869
 NGC1333CXONGC 1333 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog109
 NGC2000NGC2000.0: Complete New General Catalog and Index Catalog13226
 NGC2237CXONGC 2237 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog168
 NGC2264CXONGC 2264 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog263
 NGC2264XMMNGC 2264 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog300
 NGC2362CXONGC 2362 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog394
 NGC2516CXONGC 2516 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog288
 NGC2547XMMNGC 2547 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog163
 NGC4472CXONGC 4472 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog147
 NGC6231XMMNGC 6231 XMM-Newton X-Ray Source Catalog610
 NGC6357OIDNGC 6357/Pismis 24 Chandra Point Source Optical/IR Identifications Catalog643
 NGC6530OIDNGC 6530 Chandra Point Source Optical/IR Identifications Catalog826
 NGC6530XMMNGC 6530 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog117
 ONCCXOOPTOrion Nebula Cluster Chandra HRC Optical Sample696
 OPENCLUSTNew Optically Visible Open Clusters and Candidates Catalog2174
 OPTICALMaster Optical Catalog4395546
 ORIONFFCXOOrion Flanking Fields Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog417
 OSRILQXRAYOptically Selected Radio-Intermediate and Loud Quasars X-ray Emission Catalog654
 OSTARSGalactic O Stars Catalog760
 PDSOIDPhoenix Deep Survey Optical and Near-Infrared Counterparts Catalog246
 PDSOID2Phoenix Deep Survey Optical and Near-Infrared Counterparts Catalog 2778
 PGPG Catalog of UV-excess Objects1878
 PGC2003Principal Galaxy Catalog (PGC) 2003983261
 PLNEBULAEGalactic Planetary Nebulae Catalog1490
 PMSUCATPalomar/MSU Nearby Star Survey1971
 PPMPositions and Proper Motions Catalog468861
 QSOHewitt & Burbidge (1993) QSO Catalog7315
 RASSASASEBRASS/All-Sky Automated Survey Eclipsing Binaries Catalog807
 RASSBSCPGCROSAT All-Sky Survey Bright Source Catalog/Catalog of Principal Galaxies Matches1124
 RASSCNDINSROSAT All-Sky Survey Candidate Isolated Neutron Stars147
 RASSDSSAGNROSAT All-Sky Survey and SDSS DR5 Sample of X-Ray Emitting AGN7005
 RASSUSNOIDROSAT All-Sky Survey Bright Source Catalog USNO A2 Cross-Associations6232
 RC3Third Reference Catalog of Bright Galaxies23011
 REFNEBULAEMerged Catalog of Reflection Nebulae913
 REVISEDLHSRevised Luyten Half-Second (LHS) Catalog4470
 RITTERRBINRitter Binaries Related to CVs Catalog (7.21 Edition)500
 ROMABZCATRoma-BZCAT Multi-Frequency Catalog of Blazars3149
 ROS13HRCXOROSAT/XMM-Newton 13-hour Field Chandra X-Ray Source Catalog214
 ROSNEPOIDROSAT North Ecliptic Pole Survey Optical Identifications446
 ROTXRAYCATStars with Rotation Periods & X-Ray Luminosities Catalog820
 ROXAROXA (Radio-Optical-X-ray at ASDC) Blazars Catalog816
 SACYSACY (Search for Associations Containing Young Stars) Catalog1791
 SAISNCATSternberg Astronomical Institute Catalog of Supernovae2991
 SAOSmithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Catalog258944
 SAXHELLASRBeppoSAX High-Energy Large Area Survey (HELLAS) Radio Source Catalog147
 SBSGGENCATSecond Byurakan Survey General Catalog Galaxies Optical Database1676
 SDSSBALQS2Sloan Digital Sky Survey Broad Absorption Line Quasars Catalog: 5th Data Release5035
 SDSSBALQSOSloan Digital Sky Survey Broad Absorption Line Quasars Catalog: 3rd Data Release4843
 SDSSCVCATSloan Digital Sky Survey I/II Cataclysmic Variables Catalog285
 SDSSCXOQSOSloan Digital Sky Survey Quasars Detected by Chandra1135
 SDSSDR7WDSloan Digital Sky Survey DR7 White Dwarf Catalog20407
 SDSSLASQSOSloan Digital Sky Survey/UKIRT DSS Large Area Survey Matched Quasars Catalog172186
 SDSSNBCKDESDSS NBCKDE Catalog of Photometrically Selected Quasar Candidates1015082
 SDSSNBCQSCSloan Digital Sky Survey NBC Quasar Candidate Catalog100563
 SDSSQUASARSloan Digital Sky Survey Quasar Catalog (10th Data Release: DR10Q)166583
 SDSSUNUQSRSloan Digital Sky Survey Unusual Quasars Catalog1005
 SDSSWDSDSloan Digital Sky Survey DR4 White Dwarf & Hot Subdwarf Catalog11078
 SDSSWHLGCSloan Digital Sky Survey DR6 Galaxy Clusters Catalog39716
 SHKShakbazian Compact Groups of Galaxies377
 SHKGALAXYShakhabazian (Shk) Compact Groups of Galaxies: Individual Galaxies Data3435
 SIXDFGS6dFGS Galaxy Survey Final Redshift Release Catalog124647
 SMCCLUSTRSSMC & Bridge Clusters Catalog1188
 SMCSTARSSMC Probable Member Stars Catalog506
 SMCSTARS2SMC H-Alpha Emission Stars/Nebulae1898
 SNRGREENGreen Catalog of Galactic SNRs (May 2014 Version)294
 SUBPFCLOGSubaru Prime Focus Camera (Suprime-Cam) Exposures Log282397
 SWIFTBSCATSwift Project Bright Star Catalog120206
 SWIRELHCXOSWIRE/Chandra Lockman Hole Field X-Ray Source Catalog775
 SWSDSSQSOSwift Simultaneous UV Optical and X-Ray Observed Quasar Catalog1034
 SYMBIOTICSSymbiotic Stars Catalog218
 TWODFQSOZ2dF QSO Redshift (2QZ) Survey49425
 TYCHO2Tycho-2 Catalog of the 2.5 Million Brightest Stars2539913
 UGCUppsala General Catalog of Galaxies12939
 UPPRSCOXMMUpper Sco XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog224
 UVOTBSCATUVOT Bright Star Catalog120206
 UZCUpdated Zwicky Catalog19372
 VERON2000Veron Quasars & AGNs (V2000)18104
 VERON2001Veron Quasars & AGNs (V2001)30118
 VERON93Veron Quasars & AGNs (V93)9515
 VERON96Veron Quasars & AGNs (V96)11662
 VERON98Veron Quasars & AGNs (V98)15049
 VERONCATVeron Catalog of Quasars & AGN 13th Edition168941
 VLAECDFSOIVLA Extended-Chandra Deep Field-South 1.4-GHz Sources Opt/IR Counterparts883
 VLASXDFOIDVLA Subaru/XMM-Newton Deep Field 1.4-GHz Sources Optical/Near-IR Counterparts505
 WACKERLINGWackerling Catalog of Early-Type Emission-Line Stars5326
 WBLWBL Poor Galaxy Clusters Catalog (White et al. 1999)732
 WBLGALAXYWBL Individual Galaxies Data Catalog (White et al. 1999)3324
 WDSWashington Double Star Catalog130511
 WDS1996Washington Double Star Catalog78100
 WOODEBCATWood Interacting Binaries Catalog3564
 WOOLLEYWoolley Catalog of Stars within 25 Parsecs2150
 WRCATThe VIIth Catalog of Galactic Wolf-Rayet Stars226
 XBOOTESOIDXBOOTES: NDWFS Bootes Field Optical & Near IR Counterparts5318
 XDEEP2DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey Fields Chandra Point Source Catalog2976
 XMMCFRSOIDXMM-Newton/Canada-France Redshift Survey Fields Optical Identifications212
 XMMCOSMAGNXMM-COSMOS Catalog of X-Ray Selected Type 1 AGN545
 XMMCOSMOIDXMM-COSMOS Catalog of Optical/IR Counterparts1797
 XMMCPHOTZXMM-Newton COSMOS (XMM-COSMOS) Survey Photometric Redshift Catalog1735
 XMMLSSOIDXMM-Newton Large-Scale Structure Optical Identifications Catalog487
 XMMOBSTARSXMM-Newton OB Stars Catalog310
 XMMOMCATXMM-Newton OM Object Catalog3686716
 XMMOMOBJXMM-Newton OM Objects (2008 Version)6245060
 XMMOMSUSSXMM-Newton Optical Monitor Serendipitous UV Source Survey Catalog v2.05595331
 XMMSDSSGCE2XMMi/SDSS Galaxy Cluster Survey Extension145
 XMMSDSSGCS2XMMi/SDSS Galaxy Cluster Survey530
 XMMSSCLWBSXMM-Newton 2XMMi-DR3 Selected Source Classifications Catalog4330
 XRAYSELBLLX-Ray Selected BL Lac Objects Catalog312
 ZCATCfA Redshift Catalog (June 1995 Version)58738
 ZWCLUSTERSZwicky Clusters9134