INFRARED Catalogues
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 AKARIBSCAKARI/FIS All-Sky Survey Bright Source Catalog Version 1427071
 AKARIPSCAKARI/IRC All-Sky Survey Point Source Catalog Version 1870973
 ALFPERXMMAlpha Per Open Cluster XMM-Newton X-Ray Source Catalog102
 ATLASCSIDAT Large Area Survey (ATLAS) CDF-S/SWIRE ID and Classification Catalog726
 ATLASESIDAT Large Area Survey (ATLAS) ELAIS-S1/SWIRE ID and Classification Catalog1276
 BNMDSPECATBrightest M Dwarfs in the Northern Sky Spectroscopic Catalog1564
 CARGM31CXOCarina Nebula Gum 31 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog679
 CARINACXOCarina Nebula Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog14369
 CDFN2MSOI2Chandra Deep Field North Updated Optical & IR Catalog503
 CEPBOB3CXOCep B/OB3 Star-Forming Region Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog431
 CEPBOB3OIDCep B/OB3 Star-Forming Region Chandra Point Source Optical/IR IDs Catalog431
 CG12CXOCG 12 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog128
 CHAINTHCXOChamaeleon I North Cloud Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog107
 CHANSEXAGNChandra Serendipitous Extragalactic X-Ray Source ID (SEXSI)/Spitzer AGN Catalog290
 CHICAGOCXOChIcAGO Survey Chandra X-Ray Source Catalog259
 CLANSOIDChandra Lockman Area North Survey (CLANS) Optical & IR Catalog641
 CLASXSOIDChandra Large-Area Synoptic X-Ray Survey Optical & IR Catalog492
 CMBMASTERLAMBDA Cosmic Microwave Background Experiments Master Catalog63
 COLL69OIDCollinder 69 Cluster Optical/IR Counterparts to XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Sources205
 COUPChandra Orion Ultradeep Point Source Catalog1616
 CYGOB2CXO2Cygnus OB2 Association Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog 21696
 DENISIGALFirst DENIS I-band Extragalactic Catalog20260
 DIRBEPSCCOBE DIRBE Point Source Catalog11788
 DR3QSOSDSS Quasar Catalog (Release 3)46420
 ECDFSOIDExtended Chandra Deep Field-South Survey Optical Identifications Catalog339
 ECDFSOID2Extended Chandra Deep Field-South Optical and Near-IR Counterparts701
 ELAISFBMCEuropean Large-Area ISO Survey (ELAIS) Final Band-Merged Catalog3762
 EROSXMMExtremely Red Objects XMM-Newton Survey Catalog111
 GALCCXONIDGalactic Center Chandra X-ray Source Near-IR Counterparts5184
 GLIESE2MASGliese Catalog Stars with Accurate Coordinates and 2MASS Cross-Identifications4106
 GOSCATGalactic O Stars with Accurate Spectral Classes Catalog378
 HERSCHLLOGHerschel Space Observatory Log of Observations37093
 INFRAREDCatalog of Infrared Observations (CIO) Edition 5373517
 IRASFSCIRAS Faint Source Catalog Version 2.0173044
 IRASIDIRAS FSC Associated Data235935
 IRASPSCIRAS Point Source Catalog Version 2.0245889
 IRASPSCZIRAS Point Source Catalog Redshift (PSCz) Catalog18411
 IRASSSCIRAS Serendipitous Survey Catalog43886
 IRASZSURVIRAS 1.2-Jy Redshift Survey9897
 ISOLOGISO (Infrared Space Observatory) Observation Log36738
 LKHA101CXOLkH-alpha 101 Star Formation Region Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog213
 LMC30DRCXOLMC 30 Doradus Complex Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog180
 LOCKMANOIRLockman Hole AGN Optical and Infrared Properties Catalog409
 LSPMNORTHLepine and Shara Northern Stars Proper Motion (LSPM-North) Catalog61977
 MARKARIANFirst Byurakan Survey (Markarian) Catalog of UV-Excess Galaxies1469
 MDWARFASCBright M Dwarf All-Sky Catalog8889
 MONR2CXOMonoceros R2 Cloud Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog368
 MSXPSCMidcourse Space Experiment (MSX) Point Source Catalog V2.3440487
 MYSTIXIRESMassive Young Star-Forming Complex Study in IR & X-Rays: IR-Excess Sources20719
 MYSTIXMIDIMassive Young Star-Forming Complex Study in IR & X-Rays: Mid-IR Source Catalogs783337
 MYSTIXMPCMMassive Young Star-Forming Complex Stdy in IR & X-Rays: MYStIX Prob Complex Mbrs31549
 NEARGALCATUpdated Nearby Galaxy Catalog869
 NEWMDWARFSNew M Dwarfs in the Solar Neighborhood1079
 NGC1333CXONGC 1333 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog109
 NGC2237CXONGC 2237 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog168
 NGC2264CXONGC 2264 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog263
 NGC2264XMMNGC 2264 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog300
 NGC6231XMMNGC 6231 XMM-Newton X-Ray Source Catalog610
 NGC6357OIDNGC 6357/Pismis 24 Chandra Point Source Optical/IR Identifications Catalog643
 NGC6530OIDNGC 6530 Chandra Point Source Optical/IR Identifications Catalog826
 NGC752CXONGC 752 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog262
 NGC752XMMNGC 752 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog145
 OMC2P3CXOOMC-2 and OMC-3 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog398
 ORIONFFCXOOrion Flanking Fields Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog417
 ORIYSOIROrion Nebula YSO IR Properties398
 PDSOIDPhoenix Deep Survey Optical and Near-Infrared Counterparts Catalog246
 PDSOID2Phoenix Deep Survey Optical and Near-Infrared Counterparts Catalog 2778
 RASS2MASSROSAT All-Sky Survey BSC/2MASS PSC Cross-Associations XID II Catalog18806
 RCW38CXORCW 38 Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog460
 RCW38YSORCW 38 Young Stellar Objects Catalog624
 RHOOPHCXORho Ophiuchi SFR Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog306
 SCUBAFEMOCSCUBA Legacy Fundamental and Extended Map Object Catalogs11179
 SDSSLASQSOSloan Digital Sky Survey/UKIRT DSS Large Area Survey Matched Quasars Catalog172186
 SPITZMASTRSpitzer Space Telescope Observation Log120332
 SPORIABYSOSpitzer Survey of Orion A and B Molecular Clouds YSOs Catalog3479
 SWIRECXOSpitzer Wide-Area IR Extra-Galactic Survey Chandra X-Ray Sources99
 SWIRELHCXOSWIRE/Chandra Lockman Hole Field X-Ray Source Catalog775
 SYMBIOTICSSymbiotic Stars Catalog218
 TWOMASSRSC2MASS Redshift Survey (2MRS) Catalog44599
 UPPRSCOXMMUpper Sco XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog224
 VLAECDFSCLSVLA Extended-Chandra Deep Field-South Classification Catalog883
 VLASXDFOIDVLA Subaru/XMM-Newton Deep Field 1.4-GHz Sources Optical/Near-IR Counterparts505
 W2RAGNCATWISE/2MASS/RASS (W2R) AGN Sample Catalog4316
 XBOOTESOIDXBOOTES: NDWFS Bootes Field Optical & Near IR Counterparts5318
 XMMCOSMOIDXMM-COSMOS Catalog of Optical/IR Counterparts1797