GAMMA-RAY Catalogues
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 AGILECATFirst AGILE Catalog of High-Confidence Gamma-Ray Sources47
 AGILEUPVARUpdated AGILE Catalog of Bright Gamma-Ray Sources and Variability54
 BAT5BGRBSPCGRO/BATSE 5B Gamma-Ray Burst Spectral Catalog2145
 BATSEEOCATCGRO/BATSE Earth Occultation Catalog of Low-Energy Gamma-Ray Sources180
 BATSEGRBCGRO/BATSE Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog2702
 BATSEGRBSPCGRO/BATSE Complete Spectral Catalog of Bright GRBs350
 BATSEPULSRCGRO/BATSE Pulsar Observations807
 CBATPICAGNCGRO BATSE-Observed Piccinotti Sample of Active Galactic Nuclei36
 CGROPRSPECCGRO Proposal Info & Abstracts513
 CGROTLCGRO Timeline7928
 COMPTELCGRO/COMPTEL Low-Level Data and Maps262
 COSBMAPSCOS-B Map Product Catalog252
 COSBRAWCOS-B Photon Events Catalog65
 EGRCATCGRO/EGRET Revised Catalog of Gamma-Ray Sources1640
 EGRET2CGRO/EGRET Second Source Catalog1041
 EGRET3CGRO/EGRET Third Source Catalog5246
 EGRETDATACGRO/EGRET Photon Lists and Maps241
 EGRETSRCCGRO/EGRET First Source Catalog268
 FERMIGBRSTFermi GBM Burst Catalog1487
 FERMIGDAYSFermi GBM Daily Data2295
 FERMIGSOLFermi GBM Solar Flare Catalog3686
 FERMIGTRIGFermi GBM Trigger Catalog3585
 FERMILACFermi LAT Second AGN Catalog1121
 FERMILASPFermi LAT Monitored Source List187395
 FERMILBSLFermi LAT Bright Source List205
 FERMILGRBFermi LAT First Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog35
 FERMILLEFermi LAT Low-Energy Events Catalog53
 FERMILPSCFermi LAT Second Source Catalog1873
 FERMILWEEKFermi LAT Weekly Data330
 GRBCATCatalog of Gamma-Ray Bursts10119
 GRBCATAGCatalog of Gamma-Ray Bursts: Afterglows2778
 GRBCATANNCatalog of Gamma-Ray Bursts: Annulus Regions505
 GRBCATBOXCatalog of Gamma-Ray Bursts: Box Regions160
 GRBCATCIRCCatalog of Gamma-Ray Bursts: Circle Regions11547
 GRBCATDUALCatalog of Gamma-Ray Bursts: Dual Regions38
 GRBCATFLUXCatalog of Gamma-Ray Bursts: Fluxes and Fluences12055
 GRBCATINTCatalog of Gamma-Ray Bursts: Intersect Regions25
 GRBCATINTACatalog of Gamma-Ray Bursts: Annulus Intersect Regions17
 GRBCATIRRCatalog of Gamma-Ray Bursts: Irregular Regions26
 GUSBADGRBs Uniformly Selected from BATSE Archival Data (Version 2.1)2207
 HESSCATHESS (High Energy Stereoscopic System) Source Catalog72
 HETE2GCNHETE-2 GCN Triggers Catalog1235
 HETE2GRBHETE-2 Gamma-Ray Bursts84
 HETE2TLHETE-2 Timeline42574
 IBISCAT2Second IBIS/ISGRI Soft Gamma-Ray Survey Catalog209
 IBISCAT3Third IBIS/ISGRI Soft Gamma-Ray Survey Catalog421
 IBISCAT4Fourth IBIS/ISGRI Soft Gamma-Ray Survey Catalog723
 IBISGPSCATFirst IBIS/ISGRI Soft Gamma-Ray Galactic Plane Survey Catalog123
 INTBSCINTEGRAL Bright Source Catalog312
 INTEGRALAOINTEGRAL Observing Program10285
 INTGCCATINTEGRAL IBIS Hard X-Ray Survey of Galactic Center60
 INTPUBLICINTEGRAL Public Data Results Catalog1048
 INTREFCATINTEGRAL Reference Catalog2068
 INTSCWINTEGRAL Science Window Data244638
 INTSCWPUBINTEGRAL Public Pointed Science Window Data110570
 INTSPIAGRBINTEGRAL First SPI-ACS Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog388
 IPNGRBGamma-Ray Bursts from the Interplanetary Network7469
 KONUSVenera KONUS 11 & 12 Bursts141
 MGGAMMACATGamma-Ray Source Summary Catalog (Macomb & Gehrels 1999 & 2001)420
 MGGAMMADETGamma-Ray Source Detailed Catalog (Macomb & Gehrels 1999)850
 OBSLOGMaster Observation Logs44479
 OSSECGRO/OSSE Observations2471
 PHEBUSGranat Phebus Gamma-Ray Bursts210
 PVOGRBPVO Gamma-Ray Bursts228
 PVOTRIGPVO Gamma-Ray Bursts228
 RHESSIGRBRHESSI Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog427
 ROMABZCATRoma-BZCAT Multi-Frequency Catalog of Blazars3149
 RSSGRBAGRadio-Selected Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglow Catalog304
 SAS2MAPSSAS-2 Map Product Catalog81
 SAS2RAWSAS-2 Photon Events Catalog28
 SAS3YLOGSAS-3 Y-Axis Pointed Obs Log321
 SAXGRBMGRBBeppoSAX/GRBM Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog1082
 SMMGRSGRS Gamma-Ray Bursts177
 STERNGRBStern et al. (2001) BATSE Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog3906
 SWIFTBALOGSwift BAT Instrument Log2171094
 SWIFTMASTRSwift Master Catalog111972
 SWIFTTDRSSSwift TDRSS Messages388955
 SWIFTUVLOGSwift UVOT Instrument Log635102
 SWIFTXRLOGSwift XRT Instrument Log1331241
 VELA5BVela 5B All-Sky Monitor Lightcurves268