XMM Databases
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VOT1XMMXMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalog Version 1.1.0  +PRODUCTS33026BasicAdv?
VOT2XMMXMM Second Serendipitous Source Survey : 2XMM  +PRODUCTS246897BasicAdv?
VOT2XMMIXMM Second Serendipitous Source Survey Incremental: 2XMMi  +PRODUCTS289083BasicAdv?
VOT2XMMIDR3XMM Second Serendipitous Source Survey Data Release 3: 2XMMi-DR3  +PRODUCTS353191BasicAdv?
VOT2XMMIDR3SLIMXMM Second Serendipitous Source Survey Data Release 3 (SLIM)353191BasicAdv?
VOT2XMMPXMM Serendipitous Source Catalogue: 2XMM (Pre-release)  +PRODUCTS153105BasicAdv?
VOT3XMMXMM Third Serendipitous Source Survey Data Release 4: 3XMM-DR4  +PRODUCTS531261BasicAdv?
VOT3XMMDR5XMM Third Serendipitous Source Survey Data Release 5: 3XMM-DR5  +PRODUCTS565962BasicAdv?
VOT3XMMDR5SLIMXMM Third Serendipitous Source Survey Data Release 5 (SLIM)565962BasicAdv?
VOT3XMMDR7XMM Third Serendipitous Source Survey Data Release 7: 3XMM-DR7  +PRODUCTS727790BasicAdv?
VOT3XMMDR7SLIMXMM Third Serendipitous Source Survey Data Release 7 (SLIM)499266BasicAdv?
VOT3XMMSLIMXMM Third Serendipitous Source Survey Data Release 4 (SLIM)372728BasicAdv?
VOT3XMMSPECTRAL3XMM-DR4 Spectral Fitting Catalogue: 3XMMSPECTRAL114166BasicAdv?
VOTAGNSDSSXM2Sloan Digital Sky Survey/XMM-Newton Type1 AGN X-Ray and Radio Properties Catalog863BasicAdv?
VOTAGNSDSSXMMSloan Digital Sky Survey/XMM-Newton AGN Spectral Properties Catalog153BasicAdv?
VOTALFPERXMMAlpha Per Open Cluster XMM-Newton X-Ray Source Catalog102BasicAdv?
VOTAXISAXIS XMM-Newton Source Catalog2560BasicAdv?
VOTCAIXACatalog of AGN in the XMM-Newton Archive156BasicAdv?
VOTCARINAXMMCarina OB1 Association XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog557BasicAdv?
VOTCEPAXMMCepheus A SFR XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog102BasicAdv?
VOTCOLL69OIDCollinder 69 Cluster Optical/IR Counterparts to XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Sources205BasicAdv?
VOTCOLL69XMMCollinder 69 Cluster XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog164BasicAdv?
VOTCYGOB2XMMCygnus OB2 Association XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog199BasicAdv?
VOTELAISS1XMMELAIS S1 Field XMM-Newton X-Ray Source Catalog479BasicAdv?
VOTEROSXMMExtremely Red Objects XMM-Newton Survey Catalog111BasicAdv?
VOTEXTRAS_WP2_500SEXTraS Aperiodic X-ray Variability Catalogue (500s binning)  +PRODUCTS31415BasicAdv?
VOTEXTRAS_WP2_OPTEXTraS Aperiodic X-ray Variability Catalogue (Optimised binning)  +PRODUCTS19381BasicAdv?
VOTFORNAXXMMFornax Dwarf Galaxy XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog107BasicAdv?
VOTIC10XMMCXOIC 10 XMM-Newton and Chandra X-Ray Point Source Catalog101BasicAdv?
VOTIC2944XMMIC 2944/2948 XMM-Newton X-Ray Source Catalog368BasicAdv?
VOTL1641IOXMMLynds 1641 and iota Ori Region XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog1131BasicAdv?
VOTLAMORIXMMLambda Orionis Cluster XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog167BasicAdv?
VOTLOCKMANOIRLockman Hole AGN Optical and Infrared Properties Catalog409BasicAdv?
VOTLOCKMANXM2Lockman Hole XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog409BasicAdv?
VOTLOCKMANXMMLockman Hole Field XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog123BasicAdv?
VOTLUPUS3XMMLupus 3 SFR XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog102BasicAdv?
VOTM101XMMM 101 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog108BasicAdv?
VOTM31DEEPXMMM 31 Deep XMM-Newton Survey X-Ray Source Catalog1948BasicAdv?
VOTM31XMM2M31 XMM-Newton Spectral Survey X-Ray Point Source Catalog335BasicAdv?
VOTM31XMMXRAYXMM-Newton M31 Survey Source Catalog895BasicAdv?
VOTM33XMM2M33 XMM-Newton X-Ray Variability Source Catalog350BasicAdv?
VOTM33XMMXRAYXMM-Newton M33 Survey Catalog408BasicAdv?
VOTM83XMMM 83 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog189BasicAdv?
VOTMARANOXMMMarano Field XMM-Newton X-Ray Source Optical Counterparts195BasicAdv?
VOTNGC1512XMMNGC 1512/NGC 1510 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog106BasicAdv?
VOTNGC2264XMMNGC 2264 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog300BasicAdv?
VOTNGC2516XMMNGC 2516 Cluster XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog436BasicAdv?
VOTNGC253XMMNGC 253 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog185BasicAdv?
VOTNGC2547XMMNGC 2547 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog163BasicAdv?
VOTNGC2808XMMNGC 2808 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog96BasicAdv?
VOTNGC6231XMMNGC 6231 XMM-Newton X-Ray Source Catalog610BasicAdv?
VOTNGC6530XMMNGC 6530 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog117BasicAdv?
VOTNGC752XMMNGC 752 XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog145BasicAdv?
VOTOMEGCENXMMOmega Centauri XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog146BasicAdv?
VOTROS13HRXMMROSAT 13-hour Field XMM-Newton X-Ray Source Catalog225BasicAdv?
VOTSA57XMMSelected Area 57 XMM-Newton X-Ray Source Catalog140BasicAdv?
VOTSDSSXMMQSOSloan Digital Sky Survey (DR5)/XMM-Newton Quasar Survey Catalog792BasicAdv?
VOTSIGORIXMMSigma Orionis Cluster XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog156BasicAdv?
VOTSMCPSCXMMSmall Magellanic Cloud XMM-Newton Point Source Catalog3053BasicAdv?
VOTSXDSCATSubaru/XMM-Newton Deep Survey X-Ray Source List1245BasicAdv?
VOTTAURUSXMMTaurus Molecular Cloud XMM-Newton X-Ray Source Catalog2347BasicAdv?
VOTULXNGCATUltraluminous X-Ray Sources in Nearby Galaxies Catalog107BasicAdv?
VOTUPPRSCOXMMUpper Sco XMM-Newton X-Ray Point Source Catalog224BasicAdv?
VOTXCSXMM-Newton Cluster Survey Catalog DR1 Version503BasicAdv?
VOTXMDSVVDS4SXMM-Newton Medium Deep Survey/VIRMOS VLT Deep Survey 4-Sigma Catalog364BasicAdv?
VOTXMMABSTVIEWXMM-Newton Proposal Abstract Information6134BasicAdv?
VOTXMMAOXMM-Newton Accepted Targets8427BasicAdv?
VOTXMMBSSXMM-Newton Bright Serendipitous Survey400BasicAdv?
VOTXMMBSSAGNXMM-Newton Bright Serendipitous Survey: AGN X-Ray Spectral Properties305BasicAdv?
VOTXMMCDFS210XMM-Newton Deep Survey in the CDF-S 2-10 keV Source Catalog339BasicAdv?
VOTXMMCDFS510XMM-Newton Deep Survey in the CDF-S 5-10 keV Source Catalog137BasicAdv?
VOTXMMCFRSCATXMM-Newton/Canada-France Redshift Survey Fields X-Ray Sources300BasicAdv?
VOTXMMCFRSOIDXMM-Newton/Canada-France Redshift Survey Fields Optical Identifications212BasicAdv?
VOTXMMCOSMAGNXMM-COSMOS Catalog of X-Ray Selected Type 1 AGN545BasicAdv?
VOTXMMCOSMOIDXMM-COSMOS Catalog of Optical/IR Counterparts1797BasicAdv?
VOTXMMCOSMOSXMM-Newton COSMOS X-Ray Point Source Catalog1887BasicAdv?
VOTXMMCPHOTZXMM-Newton COSMOS (XMM-COSMOS) Survey Photometric Redshift Catalog1735BasicAdv?
VOTXMMCTY2AGNXMM-COSMOS X-Ray Selected Type-2 AGN255BasicAdv?
VOTXMMGPSXMM-Newton Galactic Plane Survey - XGPS424BasicAdv?
VOTXMMLOGXMM-Newton Observation Log10600BasicAdv?
VOTXMMLSSXMM-Newton Large-Scale Structure X-Ray Source Catalog3385BasicAdv?
VOTXMMLSSCLASXMM-Newton Large-Scale Structure Optical Counterparts and Redshifts4206BasicAdv?
VOTXMMLSSOIDXMM-Newton Large-Scale Structure Optical Identifications Catalog487BasicAdv?
VOTXMMMASTERXMM-Newton Master Log & Public Archive14282BasicAdv?
VOTXMMMASTERNEWNEW XMM-Newton Master Log & Public Archive4145BasicAdv?
VOTXMMOBSTARSXMM-Newton OB Stars Catalog310BasicAdv?
 XMMOMCATXMM-Newton OM Object Catalog3686716BasicAdv?
 XMMOMOBJXMM-Newton OM Objects (2008 Version)6245060BasicAdv?
 XMMOMSUSSXMM-Newton Optical Monitor Serendipitous UV Source Survey Catalog v2.05595331BasicAdv?
VOTXMMPRSPECXMM-Newton Proposal Abstracts312BasicAdv?
VOTXMMPUBLICXMM-Newton U.S. Public Archive13521BasicAdv?
VOTXMMSDSSGCE2XMMi/SDSS Galaxy Cluster Survey Extension145BasicAdv?
VOTXMMSDSSGCS2XMMi/SDSS Galaxy Cluster Survey530BasicAdv?
VOTXMMSLEWCLNXMM-Newton Slew Survey Clean Source Catalog v1.620163BasicAdv?
VOTXMMSLEWEGSXMM-Newton Slew Survey Extragalactic Sample219BasicAdv?
VOTXMMSLEWFULXMM-Newton Slew Survey Full Source Catalog v1.641423BasicAdv?
VOTXMMSSCGPSXMM-Newton Survey Science Center Survey of the Galactic Plane739BasicAdv?
VOTXMMSSCLWBDXMM-Newton 2XMMi-DR3 Selected Source Detections Catalog19637BasicAdv?
VOTXMMSSCLWBSXMM-Newton 2XMMi-DR3 Selected Source Classifications Catalog4330BasicAdv?
VOTXMMVARAGNEnsemble X-Ray Variability of AGN in 2XMMi-DR3412BasicAdv?
VOTXMMXASSISTXMM-Newton XAssist Source List433923BasicAdv?
VOTXMSXMM-Newton Medium Sensitivity Survey (XMS) Source Catalog318BasicAdv?