SWIFT Databases
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VOTSIXSRVYCATSwift-INTEGRAL X-Ray (SIX) Survey Catalog113BasicAdv?
VOTSWBATAGN60Swift BAT 60-Month Survey of Active Galactic Nuclei Catalog428BasicAdv?
VOTSWIFTBALOGSwift BAT Instrument Log2171094BasicAdv?
VOTSWIFTBSCATSwift Project Bright Star Catalog120206BasicAdv?
VOTSWIFTMASTRSwift Master Catalog111972BasicAdv?
VOTSWIFTTDRSSSwift TDRSS Messages388955BasicAdv?
VOTSWIFTUVLOGSwift UVOT Instrument Log635102BasicAdv?
VOTSWIFTXRLOGSwift XRT Instrument Log1331241BasicAdv?
VOTSWSDSSQSOSwift Simultaneous UV Optical and X-Ray Observed Quasar Catalog1034BasicAdv?
VOTSWXRT1FGLSwift XRT Counterparts to Unidentified 1FGL Sources267BasicAdv?