ROSAT Databases
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VOTBHRFSCIDByurakan/Hamburg/ROSAT Catalog of Optical IDs3202BasicAdv?
VOTBMWHRICATBrera Multi-scale Wavelet ROSAT HRI Source Catalog29089BasicAdv?
VOTCHASFRXRAYROSAT All-Sky Survey: Chamaeleon Star Forming Region Study180BasicAdv?
VOTCMAR1XRAYROSAT PSPC Catalog of Canis Major R1 X-ray Sources98BasicAdv?
VOTETGALXRAYEarly-Type Galaxies X-Ray Luminosities Catalog425BasicAdv?
VOTEUVEXRTCATAll-Sky Catalog of Faint EUV Sources534BasicAdv?
VOTGALCENPSPCROSAT PSPC Galactic Center Soft X-Ray Source Catalog107BasicAdv?
VOTHRASSCATHamburg/RASS Catalog: X-Ray Sources5341BasicAdv?
VOTHRASSOPTIDHamburg/RASS Catalog: Optical Identifications13829BasicAdv?
VOTHYADESXRAYROSAT All-Sky Survey: Hyades Cluster Region440BasicAdv?
VOTLMCHRIXRAYROSAT HRI Catalog of LMC X-Ray Sources (Sasaki et al.)397BasicAdv?
VOTLMCROSXRAYROSAT PSPC Catalog of LMC X-Ray Sources (Haberl & Pietsch)758BasicAdv?
VOTM31ROSXRAYROSAT PSPC M31 Source Catalog560BasicAdv?
VOTM31XRAYROSAT PSPC Survey of M31400BasicAdv?
VOTMCXCMCXC Meta-Catalog of X-Ray Detected Clusters of Galaxies1743BasicAdv?
VOTNEWMDWARFSNew M Dwarfs in the Solar Neighborhood1079BasicAdv?
VOTNORASNorthern ROSAT All-Sky (NORAS) Galaxy Cluster Survey Catalog601BasicAdv?
VOTORIONXRAYROSAT Survey of the Orion Nebula389BasicAdv?
VOTORIONXSTARROSAT HRI Orion Group 1 Stars175BasicAdv?
VOTPLEIADXRAYROSAT PSPC Catalog of the Pleiades (Micela et al. 1996)214BasicAdv?
VOTQORGCATAll-Sky Optical Catalog of Radio/X-Ray Sources501756BasicAdv?
VOTRASS2MASSROSAT All-Sky Survey BSC/2MASS PSC Cross-Associations XID II Catalog18806BasicAdv?
VOTRASSAEQSOROSAT All-Sky Survey/ASIAGO-ESO QSO Survey Catalog512BasicAdv?
VOTRASSASASEBRASS/All-Sky Automated Survey Eclipsing Binaries Catalog807BasicAdv?
VOTRASSBSCROSAT All-Sky Survey: Bright Sources18811BasicAdv?
VOTRASSBSCPGCROSAT All-Sky Survey Bright Source Catalog/Catalog of Principal Galaxies Matches1124BasicAdv?
VOTRASSCALSROSAT All-Sky Survey CALS Galaxy Groups Catalog260BasicAdv?
VOTRASSCNDINSROSAT All-Sky Survey Candidate Isolated Neutron Stars147BasicAdv?
VOTRASSCNS3ROSAT All-Sky Survey: Nearby Stars1252BasicAdv?
VOTRASSDSSAGNROSAT All-Sky Survey and SDSS DR5 Sample of X-Ray Emitting AGN7005BasicAdv?
VOTRASSDWARFROSAT All-Sky Survey: A-K Dwarfs/Subgiants979BasicAdv?
VOTRASSEBCSROSAT All-Sky Survey Extended Brightest Cluster Sample312BasicAdv?
VOTRASSFIRSTROSAT All-Sky Survey Single FIRST Matches Catalog843BasicAdv?
VOTRASSFSCROSAT All-Sky Survey: Faint Sources105924BasicAdv?
VOTRASSGBRASS/Green Bank Catalog2297BasicAdv?
VOTRASSGIANTROSAT All-Sky Survey: Giants & Supergiants450BasicAdv?
VOTRASSHGSFT2ROSAT All-Sky Survey: Soft High Galactic-Latitude X-Ray Sources 277BasicAdv?
VOTRASSHGSOFTROSAT All-Sky Survey: Soft High Galactic-Latitude X-Ray Sources397BasicAdv?
VOTRASSIMAGESROSAT All-Sky Survey Images  +PRODUCTS1379BasicAdv?
VOTRASSMASTERROSAT All-Sky Survey Archival Data1378BasicAdv?
VOTRASSNORSAMROSAT All-Sky Survey Completely Identified Northern Sample744BasicAdv?
VOTRASSOBROSAT All-Sky Survey: OB Stars1822BasicAdv?
VOTRASSPUBLICROSAT All-Sky Survey Public Archival Data1378BasicAdv?
VOTRASSUSNOIDROSAT All-Sky Survey Bright Source Catalog USNO A2 Cross-Associations6232BasicAdv?
VOTRASSVARSRASS X-Ray Variable Sources Catalog1207BasicAdv?
VOTRASSWDROSAT All-Sky Survey: White Dwarfs175BasicAdv?
VOTRBSROSAT Bright Survey (Schwope et al. 2000)2072BasicAdv?
VOTRBSCNVSSROSAT All-Sky Survey/NVSS Bright X-Ray Source Sample1747BasicAdv?
VOTREFLEXROSAT-ESO Flux-Limited X-Ray (REFLEX) Galaxy Cluster Survey447BasicAdv?
VOTRIXOSROSAT International X-Ray/Optical Survey Source Catalog404BasicAdv?
VOTROS400GCLSROSAT PSPC 400 Square Degree Galaxy Cluster Catalog242BasicAdv?
VOTROSAOROSAT Proposals5030BasicAdv?
VOTROSATHARDROSAT Hard-Spectrum X-Ray Source Catalog147BasicAdv?
VOTROSATLOGROSAT Observation Log62291BasicAdv?
VOTROSATMASTERROSAT Master Catalog18825BasicAdv?
VOTROSATRLQROSAT Radio-Loud Quasars Catalog654BasicAdv?
VOTROSATRQQROSAT Radio-Quiet Quasars Catalog846BasicAdv?
VOTROSATSRCROSAT Catalog PSPC RX MPE Sources50408BasicAdv?
VOTROSATXUVROSAT XUV Pointed Phase1022BasicAdv?
VOTROSDISTRIBROSAT Distributed Data6705BasicAdv?
VOTROSGALCLUSROSAT PSPC Catalog of Clusters of Galaxies223BasicAdv?
VOTROSHRIROSAT Results Archive Sources for the HRI13452BasicAdv?
VOTROSHRITOTALROSAT Complete Results Archive Sources for the HRI131902BasicAdv?
VOTROSIDROSAT SIMBAD Identifications639774BasicAdv?
VOTROSLTLROSAT Long-Term Timeline10596BasicAdv?
VOTROSMASTERROSAT Archival Data11431BasicAdv?
VOTROSNEPAGNROSAT North Ecliptic Pole Survey Active Galactic Nuclei Catalog219BasicAdv?
VOTROSNEPOIDROSAT North Ecliptic Pole Survey Optical Identifications446BasicAdv?
VOTROSNEPXRAYROSAT North Ecliptic Pole Survey X-Ray Source Catalog443BasicAdv?
VOTROSOBSTABROSAT Proposal Observation Constraints853BasicAdv?
VOTROSPIROSAT Principle Investigator Information847BasicAdv?
VOTROSPRSPECROSAT Proposal Abstracts2588BasicAdv?
VOTROSPSPCROSAT Results Archive Sources for the PSPC54133BasicAdv?
VOTROSPSPCFROSAT Results Archive Sources for the PSPC with Filter704BasicAdv?
VOTROSPSPCFTOTROSAT Complete Results Archive Sources for the PSPC with Filter2526BasicAdv?
VOTROSPSPCTOTALROSAT Complete Results Archive Sources for the PSPC116259BasicAdv?
VOTROSPUBLICROSAT Archival Data11431BasicAdv?
VOTROSRORNOROSAT Observation Request (ROR) Numbers10895BasicAdv?
VOTROSSTLROSAT Short-Term Timeline52351BasicAdv?
VOTROSTARFILTERROSAT Proposal Target Filters8204BasicAdv?
VOTROSTARGETSROSAT Proposal Targets4535BasicAdv?
VOTROSWFC2REROSAT Catalog WFC 2RE Sources479BasicAdv?
VOTROSWFCBSCROSAT WFC Bright Source Catalog384BasicAdv?
VOTROSWFCSEROSAT WFC Survey Event Files  +PRODUCTS13510BasicAdv?
VOTROXAROXA (Radio-Optical-X-ray at ASDC) Blazars Catalog816BasicAdv?
VOTSACYSACY (Search for Associations Containing Young Stars) Catalog1791BasicAdv?
VOTSDSSWHLGCSloan Digital Sky Survey DR6 Galaxy Clusters Catalog39716BasicAdv?
VOTSMCROSXRAYROSAT PSPC Survey of the Small Magellanic Cloud248BasicAdv?
VOTSMCROSXRY2ROSAT PSPC Catalog of SMC X-Ray Sources (Haberl et al)517BasicAdv?
VOTW2RAGNCATWISE/2MASS/RASS (W2R) AGN Sample Catalog4316BasicAdv?
VOTWARPSWide Angle ROSAT Pointed Survey First Phase (WARPS-I)201BasicAdv?
VOTWARPS2Wide Angle ROSAT Pointed Survey Second Phase (WARPS-II) Clusters Catalog125BasicAdv?
VOTWFCBSCROSAT Catalog WFC 1RE Sources384BasicAdv?
VOTWGACATROSAT Catalog PSPC WGA Sources88579BasicAdv?
VOTWGACAT95ROSAT Catalog PSPC WGA Sources (1995)68907BasicAdv?
VOTWGACATTOTALROSAT Complete Catalog PSPC WGA Sources115962BasicAdv?