NEBULAE Catalogues
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VOTHIIREGIONSharpless H II Regions313BasicAdv?
VOTLBNLynds Catalog of Bright Nebulae1125BasicAdv?
VOTLDNLynds Catalog of Dark Nebulae1791BasicAdv?
VOTLMCEXTOBJLarge Magellanic Cloud Extended Objects Catalog6659BasicAdv?
VOTMASHPNCATMASH Catalogs of MASH Planetary Nebulae1238BasicAdv?
VOTMOSTSNRCATMolonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope Supernova Remnant Catalog93BasicAdv?
VOTMWP1BUBBLEMilky Way Project First Data Release IR Bubble Catalog5106BasicAdv?
VOTPLNEBULAEGalactic Planetary Nebulae Catalog1490BasicAdv?
VOTREFNEBULAEMerged Catalog of Reflection Nebulae913BasicAdv?
VOTSNRGREENGreen Catalog of Galactic SNRs (May 2014 Version)294BasicAdv?