INTEGRAL Databases
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VOTIBISCAT2Second IBIS/ISGRI Soft Gamma-Ray Survey Catalog209BasicAdv?
VOTIBISCAT3Third IBIS/ISGRI Soft Gamma-Ray Survey Catalog421BasicAdv?
VOTIBISCAT4Fourth IBIS/ISGRI Soft Gamma-Ray Survey Catalog723BasicAdv?
VOTIBISGPSCATFirst IBIS/ISGRI Soft Gamma-Ray Galactic Plane Survey Catalog123BasicAdv?
VOTINTBSCINTEGRAL Bright Source Catalog312BasicAdv?
VOTINTEGRALAOINTEGRAL Observing Program10285BasicAdv?
VOTINTGCCATINTEGRAL IBIS Hard X-Ray Survey of Galactic Center60BasicAdv?
VOTINTOMCVSINTEGRAL OMC First Catalog of Optically Variable Sources5263BasicAdv?
VOTINTPUBLICINTEGRAL Public Data Results Catalog1048BasicAdv?
VOTINTREFCATINTEGRAL Reference Catalog2068BasicAdv?
VOTINTSCWINTEGRAL Science Window Data244638BasicAdv?
VOTINTSCWPUBINTEGRAL Public Pointed Science Window Data110570BasicAdv?
VOTINTSPIAGRBINTEGRAL First SPI-ACS Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog388BasicAdv?
VOTINTVARCATINTEGRAL/ISGRI Catalog of Variable X-Ray Sources202BasicAdv?
VOTSIXSRVYCATSwift-INTEGRAL X-Ray (SIX) Survey Catalog113BasicAdv?