EXOSAT Databases
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VOTCMAEXOSAT CMA Images/Lightcurves7352BasicAdv?
VOTCMAIMAGEEXOSAT CMA Images for Each Pointing3785BasicAdv?
VOTEXMSEXOSAT ME Slew Catalog1210BasicAdv?
VOTEXOFOTEXOSAT Final Observation Tapes6614BasicAdv?
VOTEXOGPSEXOSAT/ME Galactic Plane Survey70BasicAdv?
VOTEXOHGLSEXOSAT/CMA High Galactic Latitude Survey210BasicAdv?
VOTEXOLOGEXOSAT Observation Log6358BasicAdv?
VOTEXOMASTEREXOSAT Master Observation List6383BasicAdv?
VOTEXOPUBSEXOSAT Bibliography589BasicAdv?
VOTGSEXOSAT GSPC Spectra and Lightcurves609BasicAdv?
VOTLECMA Catalog Central 6 Arcmin2563BasicAdv?
VOTMEEXOSAT ME Spectra and Lightcurves2291BasicAdv?
VOTTGSEXOSAT TGS L and R Orders60BasicAdv?
VOTTGS2EXOSAT TGS Spectra and Lightcurves60BasicAdv?