ASCA Databases
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VOTASCAAOASCA Proposals3045BasicAdv?
VOTASCAAOASCA Proposals3045BasicAdv?
VOTASCADISTRIBASCA Processing and Data Distribution3083BasicAdv?
VOTASCAEGCLUSASCA Elliptical Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters Catalog313BasicAdv?
VOTASCAGISASCA GIS Source Catalog (AMSS-I + AMSS-II)2533BasicAdv?
VOTASCAGPSASCA Galactic Plane Survey of Faint X-Ray Sources163BasicAdv?
VOTASCALOGASCA Observation Log1560BasicAdv?
VOTASCALOGASCA Observation Log1560BasicAdv?
VOTASCALSSASCA Large Sky Survey107BasicAdv?
VOTASCALTTLASCA Long-Term Timeline363BasicAdv?
VOTASCAMASTERASCA Master Catalog3079BasicAdv?
VOTASCAOASCA Proposals3199BasicAdv?
VOTASCAPIASCA Principal Investigators726BasicAdv?
VOTASCAPRSPECASCA Proposal Info & Abstracts1730BasicAdv?
VOTASCAPUBASCA Archival Data  +PRODUCTS2779BasicAdv?
VOTASCAPUBLICASCA Archival Data3079BasicAdv?
VOTASCASISASCA SIS Source Catalog433BasicAdv?
VOTASCASTTLASCA Short-Term Timeline26627BasicAdv?
VOTASCATARGETASCA Proposal Targets2579BasicAdv?
VOTTARTARUSTartarus: Reduced ASCA AGN Data (Version 3.1)611BasicAdv?